Have you ever been in a relationship before? What were some of the mistakes you made that broke you and your partner apart that you swore never to repeat in your next relationships? How do you maintain a Long Lasting Relationship with not only your partner but even friends and family members?

Creating a long-lasting relationship involves a lot of work which you to be conscious about. A lot of is it being less selfless and more of a human and you can make your relationship work. 

Here are 10 tips that can help your relationships to become stronger and last for a long time and maybe forever.

Communication; Share Your Thoughts and Feelings

Communication Share Your Thoughts and Feelings

It is very important to communicate your opinions, feelings, and ideas in any relationship you find yourself in. This is because communication alerts or lets the other person know what you are thinking and what you want. 

It makes it easy for them to please you and fulfill your desires or wishes. If you do not speak about what you are feeling or what you need, you do not expect the other person to read your mind or assume what you need. 

Therefore always be outspoken and voice out what you are feeling inside. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. You should be comfortable in your relationship enough to communicate your opinions to your partner.

Be Honest About Your Words, Feelings, and Actions

Be Honest About Your Words, Feelings, and Actions

Be honest in whatever you do.No matter the situation that you find yourself in, endeavor to be truthful. As human beings, we are sometimes faced with temptations and situations beyond our control. 

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But what we can do when it happens is, to be honest about it. We might be scared of facing the consequences that come with being honest about mistakes we make but I sincerely believe that been truthful about it will save us from future troubles. 

If you hurt your partner, friend, or family member whether intentionally or unintentionally, be honest about it. If you hide it for a long time it will in the long run damage your relationship. Therefore it is best to face the truth and address it when need be.

Don’t Go to Bed Angry at Each Other; Forgive

Dont Go to Bed Angry at Each Other Forgive

As humans we all make mistakes but how we deal with them will in the long run either hurt or strengthen our relationship. 

If your partner, friend, or family member hurt you in any way, the best thing you can do is to forgive them. You might not forget it right away but as time goes on you will heal from the pain.

Forgiving someone when they hurt you is kind of like a healing process for yourself, you do not have to hold any grudge against the person anymore and you will be more at peace with yourself. This will help make your relationship stronger.

Develop Your Interests

Develop Your Interests

Spending time with your partner, friends and loved ones doing what they love is important but so is your hobbies. 

You sometimes need to have time for yourself, doing what you love and not depending so much on the other person to make your day brighter. We all need our space sometimes. 

Having something you’re interested in like reading, watching movies, playing games is important and most of all doing it on your own. You don’t have to let your partner’s desires or needs overwhelm yours. You need to also fulfill your desires and interests.

Try to Compromise

Try to Compromise

For a relationship to last long, a person needs to compromise. We need to stop being self-centered and think about the other person for once, put ourselves in their shoes. Whether big or small always try to compromise. 

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We all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, what you like the other person might not fancy but do not ignore their needs just because you do not like it. 

Try to find a solution that works out for both of you in the long run. Always try to seek a mutually beneficial result. 

Trust; It is The Glue That Sticks Relationships Together

Trust It is The Glue That Sticks Relationships Together

Trust is very important in any Long Lasting Relationship. If you do not trust the person you claim to love and care for how will the relationship work. 

We trust the other person to always have our back and they too have to do the same. People need to rely on each other in our relationship. 

Do things that will build trust in our relationships. You should be able to share secrets and open up to your partner. This will make your partner know how much you trust them and be also willing to trust you in return.

Maintain Patience Always

Maintain Patience Always

Learn to exercise patience in whatever relationship you find yourself in. Everyone has their time for taking action and doing tasks. 

You might do things in a fast and organized way, but your partner might be the slow type and you might have to clean up after them. 

You need to be patient with them and communicate to them if some habits of theirs are affecting you in a certain way, that is if it is something that both of you cannot compromise on. 

Sometimes you just need to be patient and just let your partner know what they do that gets on your nerves. They might not be aware of it unless you let them know.

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Do Not Keep Score

Do Not Keep Score

Relationships are not games that you need to keep a score of everything that is done in it. Whenever you do something for your partner there is no need for you to announce it to the whole world. 

The same goes for when your partner makes mistakes. Do not write it down and remind them of it every time. This will make them walk on eggshells around you. This is not the way to have a loving and peaceful long lasting relationship. 

This is probably one of the top reasons why relationships do not last long. Because your partner might feel that everything they do might be used against them in the future.

Encourage Each Other

Encourage Each Other

We all need some encouragement in one way or the other as we go in life. Everyone wants to be supported in whatever goals or steps we want to take, whether it is a new career, business. We do not want to be held back from pursuing our dreams. Therefore we need to encourage each other in whatever we do.

Do Not Compare

Do Not Compare

In this life, we are running a different race. Therefore it is not right to compare your life, relationship, job, or position to someone else’s. Never compare your current relationship with your previous. Just try to be better but do not go beyond your means thereby expecting a lot from your partner.


Building a relationship is exactly what the word “Build” means. It takes a brick at a time. At any point in time, the brick could be patience, good communication, being forgiving, or any of the points made above.

The best way to use these strategies well is to get to know your partner well, know yourself, and develop self-discipline. These may seem unrelated to building a Long Lasting Relationship but they are. They will help you know when to do what to keep your relationship going. 

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