Most people I’ve come across have problems with their personal exercise routine. It is either difficult to keep up with what they have drawn out for themselves personally or it’s not favourable for them. Either way, there’s a solution for you all. 

However, there are some sacrifices to be made in order to be able to create and build a very good and helpful personal exercise routine. A lot of hard work toppled up with consistency, patience and determination is always needed to keep you in check. 

So I decided to also give it a try to be able to help them as much as I can.

Use a Planner or Activity Calendar

Here was how I started. Keep in mind that everything is possible with hard work, perseverance, determination and patience. Things were actually not working for me until I added those four principles.

Let’s check out how my routine looked when I began.

Day            General Activities

Monday.                  Workout

Tuesday.                  Workout

Wednesday             Workout

Thursday                 Workout

Friday                       Workout

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Saturday                  Workout

Sunday                     Workout.

From the routine above, you could see that every day was a workout day for me. No rest or anything was added. That actually answered the question that “why are their personal exercise routines very difficult to keep up with? Your daily personal exercise routine will always be difficult to keep up with since you will always exercise commitment daily.

Have Time for Rest to Recoup Your Energy and Commitment

At least once in a while, you have got to rest the muscles. It’s all part of your healthy living. Yes! You have a very huge goal to achieve but remember that you can’t achieve anything better when under stress. It simply isn’t realistic. So I took my time and worked everything out again.

Now, let’s have a look at my new drawn-out personal exercise routine.

Days                       General Activities

Monday                    Workout

Tuesday                      Workout

Wednesday        Rest

Thursday                    Workout

Friday                         Workout

Saturday                  Rest

Sunday                      Workout.

From the above exercise routine, you can now see I’ve added ‘rest’ to my activities. At least twice in a week, you should rest. Now, the days for resting differ from person to person. Let’s take mine for instance. I love to workout on Mondays, why? Because Mondays make me feel energetic.  I workout on Tuesdays because I will carry the same energy on Monday to Tuesdays. For those of us having busy schedules on Monday, you can put ‘rest’ on Monday instead to have more energy to carry on. 

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For more of my physical exercises and intense but healthy training, I decided to add active recovery days to my workout plan.

Active Recovery

Active recovery is for people who do heavy-duty exercise such as weight lifting. It is to help you recover from your more intense training. Active recovery involves doing the lean exercises that help you keep exercising but take a recovery break from doing heavy exercises. 

So all you have to do is to pick two days for active recovery, one workout day and one rest day.

Let’s check out my active recovery pursuits.

I used to be someone who never liked to walk. And I will always take a cab to anywhere and everywhere I  went no matter the distance. I did this until I came by research work on the health benefits of walking. This has worked like magic. 

  1. I started walking ( long, short) 
  2. I started swimming more since it also helps with cardiovascular respiration.
  3. Foam rolling and myofascial release became one of my active recovery pursuits.
  4. Yoga (light intensity) is so lovely.

Adding Variety

Adding variety to your personal exercise routine makes your routine easy to follow and you don’t experience monotony and boredom. This helps to prevent monotony. You won’t get tired of repeating the same type of exercise routine every day.

Introducing variety to your personal exercise routine.

Variety, as is popularly said, is the spice of life so is it the spice of exercise routines. Using a mix of exercises and even exercise regimes will help you to keep exercising and prevent getting worn out from doing the same exercises over again.

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Variety could be in the duration of each workout, types of exercise, gym vs home, etc. Also, using focusing on exercises that develop different parts of your body per workout is a great way to be developing your body while ensuring variety. 

Create An Achievable And Realistic Routine.

In most cases, people abandon their routines simply because what they set out to do isn’t realistic. They challenge themselves to do a lot and that isn’t simply realistic. We already have busy schedules so give yourself some break and relax your routine. Add fun to it and make it flexible. Make room for rest and use times that work best for you. Using the strategies shared will enable you to build a routine that works for you. 

Note: If you don’t follow your personal exercise routine, you won’t have expected results. Always try as much as possible to be consistent.


From the above exercise routines: if well checked, we can come to the conclusion that it is very flexible, presentable and favourable for everyone. Both adults and teenagers can use them. You can also create yours using ours.

5 Takeaways on how to build your personal exercise routine.

  1. Be patient, hardworking, determined and consistent.
  2. Set a realistic and achievable exercise routine.
  3. Add active recovery days to your personal exercise routine.
  4. You must add variety to make it more entertaining.
  5. You must follow your personal exercise routine to have the best results.

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