Fakes have been seen as inferior in all aspects of life. Yes, they are. But in our endeavor to better ourselves, employing faking will do us good if only we know what we are doing. You are the only one on earth with your exact physical, psychological and spiritual makeup. Therefore, you are unique and need not try to imitate anybody unless you are certain it’s to your own advantage since imitating or doing what others are doing will simply cause you to live a different life altogether which was never meant to be yours.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.”

Bill Gates

Fake it till you become it! Faking up what you want to be may be just a very good way to start up your road to a better you. Just like as they say you must start living your dream. It’s not just copying any life style and values but what you know and trust are the best of what you want. Most people live fake lives, emulating other people’s lives simply because such people receive a lot of public attention and are “loved by all”. What they often forget is this act is just to please the false self.

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When you fake the lives of others, you will never find peace and self-fulfillment in your life because the life you live is in conflict with the life your true self wants to be and live. The true and false self are in constant contrast with each other. However, you already know what your true self wants better than anyone else does. That’s why you should devote time to develop yourself.

Fake it till you make
how to fake it till you make it

Hearing this at first got me wondering but it later proved to make more sense than I thought.

Fake it till you become it! Whatever you want to be, just start to live. It works like magic, just as practice makes one perfect.

Pretend to be whatever you want to be. However, this pretense is quite different. It’s got to be a habitual thing, a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

The psychology of faking it
Faking it till you become it goes with a psychological effect. Faking what you want to be each and every day will eventually leave you convinced that there’s nothing between who you want to be and who you are now but your own self. It’s all in your mind. Once you are convinced that it all depends on you and no one else to write your life, you start taking bold steps to realizing your goal. There and then the desirous beast in you is unleashed and all it knows is victory. Therefore, there is no pausing whatsoever until the goal is achieved. The more you fake it, the more you become it.

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Take up Role models
We have often been told to take up role models in life. This advice is usually attempt to get us to fake it till we make it or become it. This exactly the aim of fake It till you make, to get you to study the good aspects of people you admire and whom have achieved a lot in society. After study comes practice of these values and qualities until they become part of you. It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect and nothing else.

Know theyself

know thyself man mirror picture
Know thyself

You are uniquely made to achieve a certain purpose. Which means you have certain set of qualities which make you “You”. In order to fully benefit from the principle of fake it till you make it requires that you know yourself as Socrates say “Nosce te ipsum”. The power of faking someone else’s values and qualities could wipe away what makes you stand out among the rest. So you need to keep in mind that its not everything that you simply jump to and copy from others. You must retain what makes you whole and who you really are.

Stay true to yourself and be honest to yourself. Most often we lie to ourselves by trying to subdue our true thoughts with what we want to be true. Life isn’t just like that. You may succeed to lie to yourself and maybe to others but the truth still remains and as the cliché goes, “You cannot bury the truth”.




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