When it comes to public speaking, a majority of people are scared to death. When we think of having a public speaking sessions, what we imagine is a room full of people laugh at us for making a mistake. This almost never happens yet the thought of speaking scares the crap out of us. Public speaking though can be scary needs not be that scary and terrifying as we usually perceive it to be.

Public speaking has been in existence for long, spanning from times of the Greek empire to date. Speeches are mostly given either to entertain, inform or persuade.

How to speak well

According to Wikipedia, about 70% of jobs demand some sort of public speaking for one to succeed beyond average. This shows how important public speaking skills have become in the corporate world. From speaking in meetings, trying to persuade clients to showing shareholders around the company, you need speaking skills to survive.

The good news is that public speaking is a skill which means it can be learned. So fear not and apply yourself to the following tips I’ve compiled for you to become a better public speaker and achieve what your dreams.

  1. Choose a topic you are knowledgeable in

One of the huge mistakes most people make is to take any topic given to them to speak on. This can lead to disaster mainly because you have to crunch a lot of new information into your brain before your speech. You will have to do a lot of research and practice a lot. For most people, this doesn’t usually go well. It’s better to take up a topic you are familiar with and are passionate about. That way, you can write up your points and keep the concepts in your mind which can be recalled easily.

  1. Prepare and be punctual

Once you’ve chosen a topic you are knowledgeable and passionate about, the next thing is to prepare your speech. I suggest you write down points and try to research into each of them if you want to refresh your memory and be certain about stuff. It recommended you practice your speech and you can record yourself while doing this so you can watch your gestures and fine tune them. BE PUNCTUAL and try to interact with some of the audience before you speak.

  1. Eliminate any fears of rejection and Don’t apologize

Plans are easy, what’s difficult is delivery. When it comes to delivery, the main problem you may face is fear. This mostly stems from lack of confidence in our ability to satisfy the audience and do our best. Positivity always wins. You can defeat this feeling with adequate preparation so that you’re sure you can deliver. Thinking positive thoughts about it will help you a great deal. Positive thoughts are what make some people love the crowed while the crowd frightens others.

  1. Focus on your message and patterns

There are a number of things you can focus on your speech and its delivery to have a good one. Your message and patterns can be left out in your list. Your ability to explain issues in simple but yet understandable ways will wow your audience. You should be able to show them the patterns in your topic as well as the relationships between terms and concepts.

  1. Utilize facial expressions, and appropriate mannerisms

Whatever you do, you’ll be speaking to humans therefore your speech should humanly as much as [possible. To make it more appealing and educating to your audience, you should adopt the appropriate mannerisms and facial expressions such as gestures, smiles etc.

Also employing Deep breath, Diaphragmatic breathing, tensing your feet and focusing on the feeling and Pauses will give you a good speech

All in all, Your Presentation should be

  • S – Simple and structured
  • U – Understand yourself and your audience
  • C – Concrete, avoid ambiguity, place emphasis where necessary
  • E –  Emotional at the right time
  • S – Sensory
  • S – Make good use of anecdotes, stories

When giving a speech, you should have a goal in mind which should be either to inform, educate or persuade. You should develop a conclusion which matches your purpose or theme. Emphasize on your call to action of there’s one and have a pre-written and rehearsed last words which your audience can take home.

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