Living your best life can be so daunting a task to do. That makes it paramount for us to live our lives to its highest level. Making every day count comes with you living a productive life. There are basic applicable ways of achieving ten times your current level and this article informs you rightly on this. 

5 Ways To Achieving Ten Times Your Normal Level

1. Have A Change Of Attitude To Life

Probably the most ignored and overlooked aspect of you wanting to achieve more in any endeavour is our attitude. Our attitude is the single most important thing that drives and affects almost every area of our life. 

Before you even decide to be productive, have a great change in attitude. This will help sharpen our behaviour and mindset about everything in our life. Take a second look and check to know if you’re ready to achieve ten times better than your normal level. Let your change of attitude to be productive resonate with what you do on a daily basis.

2. Make Planning A Daily Habit

The importance of planning can never be discounted when it comes to achieving ten times your current level. Great achievers never got their day productive than making planning a routine activity. 

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Time is an equal employer but how we use it differs totally from how we each spend it. The only guarantee that you would have much control of your day is by planning. Preferably, plan your day at the end of the previous day. 

Make a detailed plan of how you’d like to spend your time every day, weeks and months. The most important thing is to ink it on paper than to have your day planned out in your head. Planning your day in your head makes nothing worthwhile to be achieved. As plainly put by Sun Tzu ‘Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small’ It takes a lot of time to plan but it takes much more to follow through with your plans. 

Be a goal setter and plan exactly how you would like to achieve them. Follow through with your plan by executing them.

3. Prioritize: The Pareto Principle

Having a clearer focus of what you want to achieve can be so frustrating, especially when almost every activity seems just right for the occasion. At the heart of achieving 10 times your current level is the art of prioritizing.  This must be done based on the input that brings the most output in our lives.

Wanting to explain the distribution of wealth in Italy, Vilfredo Pareto used the 80/20 rule to make it clear. The 80/20 axiom, states in plain language that 80% of outcomes results from 20% of all the causes. This rule also known as Pareto Principle can be applied in making one achieve more in his life. There is much wisdom in prioritizing 20% of our activities that will produce the best results. 

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The good news is, this principle can be applied to your day-to-day activities. So prioritize on activities that have the potential of yielding the best results and be sure to know that you’ll experience growth ten times your current level.

4. Avoid Distractions 

The average human being is distracted almost every second. Living a productive life comes with distractions that impedes the very outcome of our life. Almost everyone wants to achieve ten times their current level yet distractions seem not to make a way.


Unnecessary phone calls, checking every notification from social media, unwarranted pleasure and relaxation just to mention a few, direct our focus from living a productive life. These distractions nowadays are the notification sound from social media. We would want to reply to every message instantly and like every picture almost immediately.


To maximize your current level, it is expedient to cultivate the discipline of avoiding distractions any means possible! Brace yourself up and be disciplined enough to turn off notifications from social media and any mountain of distraction that hinders you from achieving ten times your current level.

5. Eat The Biggest Frog First 

In his book, Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy explains vividly about how to discipline ourselves to eat that frog first thing in the morning every single day. That is to begin your day with the biggest, most important and challenging task. 

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This is usually the task we are likely to procrastinate on, so much attention, energy and dedication is needed to ensure we tackle them first thing early in the morning. Doing the most daunting and difficult task every single day will help attain much productivity in our lives, eventually in achieving ten times our current level.

Most often than not, we learn to move from procrastinating to being more productive. So cultivate the discipline of beginning your day by facing the mountain of a task first and it will surely boost your current level exponentially!


Our success lies in the activities we do on a daily basis, so does our failure. Cultivating the discipline to make your day count in theory sounds easy but at the very heart of this is making a commitment to boost your current level regardless. Brace yourself  by having a positive outlook of pertinent issues in your life, knowing that you’d practice a thing or two from this article. The choice is solely yours to make and I believe you’d make it count! Share with us in the comment section your takeaway from this article.

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