We all have the power to be productive so why are we not productive? Why do we think of something great and wonderful we’d want to do or become only to realize after some time that we never made that happen. 

The Role of the mind in the Achievement of our Goals

It is prudent we know that just as we think through the great ideas we have in the mind, this same mind plays a role in making them happen, thus a powerful tool for success.  In other words, we cannot downplay the role of the mind in becoming a success or accomplishing our goals.

Oftentimes, people allow their minds to think that they are limited by factors such as; not skilled enough to do it, or they’ll get noticed and ultimately, breakthrough. But they forget to start the process so they remain in their comfort zones, yet expect positive results. 

What one could do to achieve what they intend to do is to leverage on what they perceive as weaknesses to develop their skills, have growth not fixed mindset so that one could come out of their comfort zones. It’s only then that one will see positive results. It’s okay to start being scared, feeling unskilled and not talented enough. Just start anyway.

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Five (5) ways to achieve anything you set your mind to 

1. Decide in your mind to make things work. 

Change wouldn’t happen if you keep being the old you. Once you realize that something has to change in you or about you for positive outcomes, you set your mind ready to act for it.

This reminds me of a goal I once set to accomplish a writing task over a period of time. I had set the goal and for 2 weeks, I’d written no word. I’d thought I couldn’t write well and that my write ups communicated no meaning but I decided to start anyway.

I decided that since I think I’m not good enough, I’d use that as a leverage to start no matter what. So after searching for articles and reading on how to write better, I came out with a good article over time. I decided to create my own energy by seeing that goal as an adventure, one I’d embark on to realize what good writer I am and at the end I figured it out. 

2. Self-Awareness  

You ask why self-awareness?   Now you need to know who you really are in terms of your strengths and weaknesses and then know what you really want and align both of them so you could keep going. Don’t get it twisted, all I mean is that I have a direction.

If you know who you are presently and what you want in order to become the new and successful you, aligning both helps you figure out what you need to do to achieve your goal. You could use the storyboarding technique to draw the direction you need to take. You could also get images and post them in your room or anywhere you’d see them daily so they keep reminding you of the task at hand.  

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3. Focus on one thing at a time 

Having written down all that you intend to achieve and probably have them posted in your bedroom, you need to take them one at a time.  Desist from doing a whole lot within a period because that would leave you accomplishing nothing at all.

Make it simple so you can work at it each day without stress. We tend to put a big burden on ourselves when we work on so many things at a time. I used to do that a lot and realized that over time, I’ve achieved very little or nothing at all. Do change your strategy by focusing on a goal at a time. Try this because it worked for me when I did.

4. Put in Efforts

Most people think that the core of success is talent and genetics but hey, anyone can be successful once they have a growth mindset and put in effort over time. Success happens to no lazy bones, you need to work for it. If you don’t act, you don’t get results and that’s very true. Two key things to note about putting in effort no matter how small it may seem is, effort creates innovation and produces accomplishment.

When you keep working at it consistently, no matter how small work it is, would over time yield positive results. This is affirmed in a book I once read which puts it this way; “small daily improvements, when done consistently over time, leads to stunning results”. Thinking through it will never bring it to fruition, rather doing the bits you know, will. 

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5. Ask for help

You want to achieve a goal or succeed in a course you’ve set your mind on, ask those who have accomplished that already. Save yourself the stress of embarking on that journey all alone. There’s someone who has done that before, get connected to them and enjoy their advice, suggestions and road maps.

In present times, you could connect to them through social media, follow them and learn from them. If possible get them as your mentors, coaches and sponsors. You could also read their books to enrich your mind as you take action towards your goal. 

In essence, you need to consider the points discussed above namely; decide in your mind to leverage on your assumed limitations to get work done, Self-awarenessFocus on one thing at a time, Put in Efforts and lastly, Ask for help if you intend to achieve anything you set your mind on. Do remember that if you don’t act, you don’t get any results. No efforts, no gain.

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