The health benefits of sex for you as a women starts immediately you start heating up. And the benefits stay with you long after you have satisfied your cravings or libido. Sex feels good and  the benefits are overwhelming. This article is going to share with you ladies 10 reasons why you should be having enough sex with your partner.

10 Health Benefits Of Sex For Women

1. Reduces Stress

Are you always tired? Anxious and fearful? You need to be having more sex with your partner to help your body release enough endorphins and oxytocin to help relieve you from anxiety and depression. Oxytocin boosts feelings of friendship and happiness. This chemical that runs into your brain during sex is exactly what you need when you are stressed.

A lot of health issues in women are a result of stress. Sex is the stress reliever you need. Numerous studies show that people with a healthy sex lifestyle are in a better position to manage stressful situations.  

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2. Lowers Your Blood Pressure 

Sex has been linked to positive cardiovascular effects in women. Women who reported having enough sex always have a reduced risk of high blood pressure and other related problems. 

High blood pressure can bring serious health complications and study shows that high blood pressure can actually affect a woman’s ability to experience orgasm. We don’t want that, do we?

3. Trains Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles are responsible for controlling your urine flow. It can be weakened naturally by age or pregnancy. Regular happy sex can help strengthen your pelvic floor. This reduces pain during sex and your chances of vaginal prolapse. Good sex will help these muscles get a good workout and increase the production of your vagina’s natural lubrication.

Other benefits include the prevention of vagina atrophy in women with menopause, improved bladder control, more intense orgasms and reduced incontinence. You can exercise them on your own, but what is the fun when you are married and have a partner who can make you happy under the sheets? 

4. Reduced Risk During Pregnancy

Frequent sex especially in pregnant women can reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia. These can lead to swollen extremities, headaches, nausea and seizures. Exposure to semen can also help regulate a pregnant woman’s immune system and protect her against preeclampsia.

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5. Better Periods

Menstruation in women can lead to a lot of side effects. Frequent sex can help you reduce these side effects during that time of the month and make it shorter and less disruptive. Sex helps women to regulate the levels of luteinizing hormone which controls the menstrual cycle. 

Uterine contractions that comes with orgasm before and during sex helps the body to get rid of cramp-causing compounds and expel blood more quickly to help end your period more faster and with less disruptions.

6. Higher Fertility 

Having sex outside the fertile window can increase immunity that supports conception. Women who are sexually active have a greater chance of their bodies recognizing that sperm or newly fertilized egg is not a foreign invader. T cells can also help in changing Immunoglobulin A antibodies to help them fight diseases without interfering with the uterus. These changes help your body to sustain pregnancy.

7. Better Sleep

A good round of sex can help you fight sleeplessness. The brain releases serotonin, oxytocin, norepinephrine, and vasopressin which increase the urge to relax and eventually pass out. These chemicals make you feel great and help your mind and body feel relaxed.  If you want sleep after a happy sex, remember to slow down. Because being highly active and rough can leave you with more energy than it will leave you feeling sleepy.

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8. Protects And Boosts The Brain

Sexually active women perfume better when it comes to cognitive functions. Researchers reveal that a woman’s ability to recall words depends on whether she is depressed or sexually active. Sex increases the flow of blood into the brain with extra glucose which can be use as energy. This helps you increase your focus and productivity. 

9. Improves Immunity 

Women who have sex one or two times a week have three times as much immunoglobulin A. Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that helps the body fight off harmful foreign invaders and promotes a healthy life. 

10. Softer Skin

Regular sex helps the body to release testosterone and estrogen which can keep the body looking young and fresh. This also promotes soft skin and soft hair. A study conducted in Scotland to guess the ages of participants reveals that those having regular sex with a steady partner were to be 7 years younger and active than their counterparts.  

Bottom Line

If you are a woman out there with a partner and you shy away from your sexual needs, know that you are denying yourself a lot of health benefits. Sex is a fun and pleasurable exercise than provides a ton of benefits and can help your mind and body remain active.

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