Being a Student can get so overwhelming especially when you have to worry about other aspects of your education beyond paying attention to your studies and learning. Having a good scholarship to take care of your various needs while pursuing your studies is one of the greatest news a needy student could hear. 

There are lots of scholarships out there to help. This article walks through 5 of such scholarships. Our list is in no way exhaustive neither is it conclusive. You will need to do more research. We hope this makes a great start toward your search for a scholarship which meets your needs. This article covers only tertiary education this undergraduate and postgraduate studies in and out of Ghana. 

Why Should You Consider A Scholarship?

To start with, you need a reason why you seek a scholarship. For most people, it’s only financial so will start with the financial reasons for applying for scholarships. 

1. Financial Relief and Benefits

This is the number one reason most people apply for scholarships. If there should be any impediments to education, it shouldn’t be financial. Money, however, is the stumbling block for most Ghanaians and Africans. This shouldn’t be so. This is why most scholarship schemes screen for the needy and brilliant. I believe all persons should be able to pursue education, formal or informal.

There are lots of scholarships which anyone in a less privileged situation and yet is brilliant and wants to pursue their education to the limits – thus to any level they yearn to. 

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2. Professional Credibility

Scholarships are hard to get. Let’s agree on this. They are (really) demanding too. Even though it is often for good reason, scholarships can literally create stress with their standards, numerous requirements and documentation. This helps you though when you finally land that prestigious scholarship. To feed the ego, you feel a sense of pride and victory, Bu it doesn’t end there. Landing a good scholarship can increase your prospects at getting a good job.

Listing your scholarship in your Resume shows your credibility and endorsement from the awarding scholarship scheme. It takes brilliant students to lad scholarships. Listing your scholarship award automatically establishes your credentials lessening the work you would need to convince a panel of interviewers. Certain scholarships are a full package. You get internship placements, training, and travel opportunities in your country of study. Cool, right? Don’t give up on that scholarship yet. Forge on. 

3. Academic Development

The ultimate aim of a scholarship is to enable you to have a great education without any forms of hindrances especially when you have a good track record of academic grades. You should be able to continue your studies. Therefore, scholarships help you develop your knowledge base and build academic qualifications where you may have been forced to drop out due to circumstances. 

Our Top 5 Scholarship Picks to Start Your Scholarship Search with As a Ghanaian

1. Chevening

Chevening is a great opportunity for a student looking to have their postgraduate studies thus pursue a master’s degree in The United Kingdom. The Program has an option for already working professionals who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge. This option is offered not through their scholarship but rather a fellowship program. This is also in the UK. Both scholarship and fellowship cover full tuition fees, flight and accommodation so you don’t have to worry about anything but your academic pursuits and studies.

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The scholarship program allows up to 3 choices when it comes to schools. You must apply to the institution separately and secure a scholarship. However, you can start the application process before obtaining the “Unconditional Offer” from the Universities. The Chevening Scholarship to study in the UK is currently open for the 2020/2021 academic year. Deadline is November 3rd, 2020. Visit their official website for more information and to apply. 

2. MTN Bright Scholarship

The MTN Bright Scholarship is an initiative of the MTN Foundation as a corporate social responsibility of MTN Ghana. According to their website, “The main aim of the Foundation is to have a broad community impacting and supporting national and international development priorities. It facilitates partnership and sharing of resources to achieve mutual objectives.”

The scholarship award scheme was created to bring this to fruition in the education sector. The application window is usually in the month of May. This could be changed in subsequent years. It is open to both continuing students and first-year undergraduate students. Visit the MTN Bright Scholarship website for more information and application process involved. 

3. TEST for Ghana

The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST) for GHANA is a registered Ghanaian charity formed by a group of graduates from Linacre College, Oxford University and is managed by Trustees in Ghana.  The Trust is a constituent member of the UK Charity, TEST for AFRICA’s family and its objectives and approach are aligned with those of TEST for Africa. (Source) The scholarship trust is available in most public universities including technical universities. You can support the trust or apply

4. Edu Foundation Scholarship

Also called The Fondazione Edu Scholarship, the program is run by a family long committed to helping “promote young people’s access to higher education in the developing countries.” The foundation started work in 2006 after being created in 2005. It operates in a number of sub-Saharan African countries including Ghana. The scholarship is only available in the University of Ghana here and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. 

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Applying For Scholarships; How to Prepare

Here is to prepare so you can obtain a scholarship

1. Apply Early

Once you find an opportunity, prepare your documents, get set and submit your application. 

2. Check University Websites For Opportunities

Universities always list scholarships available in their institution on their website. Don’t miss out simply because you didn’t check. 

3. Pay Attention to The Essay Topic

For most scholarships, you have to write an essay. The topic isn’t a mere coincidence. They’re often looking for certain things. Much of the task of writing the essay lies in figuring out what those are. Write well once you figure them out and let others read your work for corrections and their opinion as well. 

4. Prepare Your Documents

Scholarships will always ask for documentation especially to prove your need for the scholarship. Make sure to do your due diligence and provide all the documents required. They ask for the documents for a reason. Do not downplay the importance of any documents. 

5. Apply

Don’t procrastinate. It’s best to have a reminder set for the deadline date so you don’t wake up one day and its past submission date. 

6. Don’t just win, maintain

Getting a scholarship isn’t the end. You would have to renew (for some scholarships) each year. And you still have to prove you deserve the award based on your performance and your needs. 


Now you are equipped with scholarships you can apply to, how to apply and why you should apply. It is safe to say the ball is now in your court. 

If you perceive you need more information, do visit the respective websites or email us at for some extra juice and recommendations. Cheers.

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