I know by now, you might be nearing the completion of your mandatory Ghana National Service. I hope you enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal. The question you may have been asking yourself right about now is “what next?” You may be confused about what to do or even feel very disappointed because your expectations at your current place of work were not met. Look on the bright side though, you are entering a new chapter in your life. This presents an exciting challenge!

Despite the promising years that lay ahead of you, you may have some anxieties. Worry no more. I have got you covered! I will share my top tips based on my own experience and the experience of others.

These tips are not foolproof. You will definitely need the grace and favor of God to see you through. Shall we?

5 Things you can do after Ghana National Service

  1. Study

This is a great place to start. You might choose to enroll in a postgraduate Programme at a university or study online. Pursuing a Masters’s degree has become the norm in this day and age. The benefits are clear with the average Master’s degree holder earning more than a Bachelor’s degree holder. The truth of the matter for most of us is that with your current income situation a Master’s degree may be beyond our reach. Parents and other relatives may feel that furthering your education immediately after your Ghana National Service may put a financial burden on them.

This is where studying online comes in. We are blessed to find ourselves in an age where with the click of a button you can literally access anything on the internet. So why don’t you cut back on the time, you spend watching people’s snaps and posts. Go to YouTube. This time don’t only watch only music or football videos. Watch something educative instead. And yes, there is a ton of educative material on YouTube. You will be surprised. If you want something more advanced, you can try “Udemy”, “Coursera“, “Edx” among other e-learning websites. You might have to pay a small sum for the courses though. The investment will definitely be worth your while

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2. Work

The ultimate aim of education for many people is to find a well-paying career. Your parents spent a lot of their hard-earned money just so you would no longer have to do depend on them.

Finding a job in the Ghanaian economy may prove to be a herculean task especially if you don’t know someone. Also, many vacant positions require work experience in that field. Additionally, in this COVID – 19 crisis where economies have been hard hit and job losses are at a record high, it may complicate to secure that dream job. These are some bitter pills to swallow but that is the reality. However, if this is the path you want to tread you should consider using social media sites such as LinkedIn or Jobberman to help you find positions near you. Here, I advise that you open to taking jobs that may not be within your chosen field to be

oaden your knowledge base.

3. Nabco.

I didn’t include Nabco under work because I wanted to delve into this issue much deeper. If you haven’t been able to secure a dream job, enrolling in this Programme would be a lifesaver. If you haven’t heard of the Programme, then do well to visit the website.


To give a gist, though Nabco is the abbreviation for Nation Builders Corps is an initiative by the government to address graduate unemployment. That’s the gist. I don’t know whether the government plans to recruit trainees into the Programme this year. A lot of you may not have considered it but the Nation’s Builder’s Corps provide a good source of income, job experience, and on the job training. A great benefit is that are different modules from which to choose from. The power of choice rests with you. There will be an interview to choose trainees and you must go in very prepared. Trust me, you’ve got this. You should do well to visit their website if you have any questions.

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4. Volunteering

It is surprising that a number of us don’t take advantage of volunteering. We all want jobs. We all want money. There is this perception that volunteering doesn’t pay. Well that is isn’t true. There are some paid volunteering positions out there. These positions may be very competitive once the money is involved so you must make sure that you have all the necessary skills and qualifications. On the other hand, if you happen to find a volunteering position that isn’t paying anything, you should do it anyway if you have the means. Furthermore, to get the best out of your volunteering position, you should ask questions to understand fully the role you are expected to play so that you can do your best.

A great place to start volunteering maybe your current workplace. Speak to your supervisor about your desire to volunteer to work there for a while even after your service is over without pay. There is no harm in trying. After COVID 19 is over, companies seeking to rebuild may make use of such voluntary personnel because their revenue would below. You may have to do work that is outside your field of study. This means that you will be working outside your comfort zone. The important thing to think about here is the opportunity to learn something new as well as challenge yourself. You will end up exposing yourself to more people and learn some new skills…

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Another great source of volunteering position is social media platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Take note of groups and contacts that may post someone or two volunteering opportunities. Please do not brush them aside but ask questions to find out more.

So, go out there and volunteer!

5. Gap Year

You probably haven’t actually considered this but a gap year might be what you need. This may be especially beneficial because you have been in school nonstop for about sixteen years. Yes, there were vacations in between terms and semesters where you were able to catch your breath. That is if you don’t have to be spending time doing house chores the whole time. Now that you are an adult, you can take this decision. Speak to your guardians about your intentions though.

I don’t advise that you spend all the time at home just eating and sleeping. There is a lot you can do. For instance, you could take up a hobby. You could work out and travel around Ghana. Try your hands at writing or programming. Basically, whatever you are interested in is fine, so far as it engages and sharpens your mind.


Take time to think about your next step and what you want to do with your life. You could even team up with some friends and start a small business or a project. So that fruit juice idea, that you have to put off, please pursue it. You can start it as a side hustle and then boom into a main hustle. Don’t go into it only for the money through but see it as an opportunity for growth.

The choice is yours, I believe you will take the right one for you.

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