What are you tired of? What have you been doing over and over that you’re tired of? Are you tired of reading books with the intent of making you a better person? Are you tired of watching inspirational videos with the same intent of it making you a better person by giving you more successes? Well, if you are not, I am tired.

I am tired of having to read books over and over again. This does not that I am not going to read books anymore. I am simply implying that I am not going to let my actions be taken over by constant reading of books. There are several times we don’t act simply because we depend on the power of books. Fact is, the purpose of books is only to incite you to act. So why do you still live in fantasies which can yield better results if you act on them?

The world has become a place for dreamers but only a few people who take action to realize their dreams. Which are you; a dreamer or a person of action? Your success doesn’t lay in becoming a dreamer or a person of action. It lies in acting. Thus, moving beyond imagining yourself in a perfect state and starting to work towards being in that perfect state. This is what success is.

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You would realize how progressing you have become if you become tired of relying on your friends for success, if you become tired of reading books over and over without acting, if you become tired of watching motivational videos over and over without acting, if you become tired of constantly saying you have a dream.

How dear is your success to you? Have you got a timeline for your success? How far is your success from your action? These questions have got answers embedded in your actions because you can not give yourself three or more years for success and yet you do not act. So, it is the action you take that controls and shapes your success providing you with timelines for success and boosting your passion for whatever endeavor you are pursuing.

Remember our CEO, Enoch Weguri says, dreams without dates remain only dreams. I therefore question you on the dates you have set for your dreams. It is only after setting the dates for your dreams that you will realize you need to start acting. Action fuels the passions and ignites your passion to see brighter chances out there for you. It is after setting the dates for your dreams that you will realize YOU ARE TIRED.

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Let us get tired of always feeling so comfortable in having dreams, let us get tired of always yearning to watch videos over and over when in fact we are better off when we  move into action, let us get tired of not acting. Be a better person by moving into action so that we, WORDINSPIRED, can SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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