The Desire For A Better Life

I was recently watching the news and one thing seemed to make the headlines. The natural desire of citizens of countries to demand a better life especially when the election is looming. This becomes very incumbent for political parties wanting to come to power to make their policies attractive for want of a better life.


Truth be told, the better life we all crave for can only be made possible by ourselves. And this starts from the mind. The mind is one of the most potent discoveries in the history of man. Mostly compared to a complex machine, the inner workings of the mind can be used to create almost everything one desires. Life starts from the mind and the intrinsically woven structure can be used to create a better life, one that is undeniably coveted by all.


But there are few things to remember daily for want of a better life. I call it the Big Impeccable Four.

Let’s get straight into the Big Impeccable Four.

Four Things To Remember Daily For A Better Life; Big Impeccable Four

A life free from the influence of external factors always makes it a point to depend on certain factors and conditions from within. The better life can be lived by daily harking back on.

1. Your Core Values

Striving to live a better life can be so far-fetched, especially when everything around you seems to be taking a nosedive. Unfortunately, your attention drifts from the values you cherish so much that you dwell on the little things of life. 

The single most important thing to remember on a daily basis should be your core values: that is your judgment on what is important in your life. The inherent desire for a better life is directly affected by being productive, which is to some extent congruent with the values we uphold in our lives. The values you uphold must be part of the way you see life especially things that are important to you.

Creating a high-value system for your life is a ticket bonus to living your better life. And you have to make it a point to always remember them on a daily basis. We should never for a moment forget that the things we do on a daily basis determine the quality of our life. 

That’s why we can’t downplay remembering our values daily for a better life. When it comes to having values, we have to know these are guideposts in our lives, so cultivating the habit of remembering them daily is key. This is because our values guide us into being the person we really want to be. This is clearly reiterated by José OrtegGasset, “Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you who you are.”

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It is therefore an open truth that, remembering your values daily helps you to make decisions that would directly improve your life: decisions that are pivotal in making your life better. Roy Disney was absolutely right when he said, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

Our values must be congruent with our thoughts, words and actions especially in a world where instant gratification is of greater importance than taking time and effort to obtain things. These are some values for your perusal for a better life: integrity, endurance, patience, courage, faithfulness.

2. Your Vision: The Bigger Picture Of Your Life

The average person is normally caught up in the rat race, with no clear sense of purpose: what he wants to do or have in life. The hard truth is, a life lived on chances normally ends up in an uncalculated mess, leaving us totally hopeless. The repercussions of living without a clear sense of the bigger picture of your life are indubitable in our lives.

On the other hand, living your life on the bigger picture assuredly gives hope and the enthusiasm to make a better and productive life. Striving to live your life based on your vision isn’t just enough but the key is always making a daily commitment to remember and executing your vision. 

Joel Barker unflinchingly said, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes time. Vision with action can change the world.” It takes a person who will commit to remembering his/ her vision daily to have a better life. Vision makes life simple and exciting. So, committing to your vision (which must be clearly documented) will make it very easy to start each day, knowing clearly what you’re up against and what to go after. This eventually makes for a productive life in our daily routine.

The world’s most successful people in any endeavour didn’t attain greater heights overnight. It took a vision they had, that haunted them till they worked sedulously to achieve those visions. 

The clue here is, your vision is that which you want to do so badly that wouldn’t leave you for anything in this world. It is in this regard that Dr Myles Munroe agreeably said, “Sight is a function of the eyes, but the vision is a function of the heart.” Determine to make a life-long dedication to always remember what your heart deepest desires are and execute them with all you’ve got. 

The most dangerous thing to do in life is to be visionless. This word of caution from Helen Keller cannot be compromised, “ The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”.

3. Your Mind: Garbage In, Garbage Out

To have a better life, you must become intentional about your thinking process. Few things fascinate me like how the mind, intrinsically interwoven in the human body operates. The very essence of our whole life starts and ends in the mind.


That is to say, the mind when psyched to do anything and everything has the limitless power to achieve the set target and vice versa. It seems obvious that our success or otherwise failure is our own doing, with the mind playing a pivotal role. Although most people are quick to play the blame games whenever things go wrong, we tend to forget it’s normally the inner workings of our very mind. 

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So the wisdom here is, remembering one of the greatest axioms: that as a man thinketh so is he, can’t be mistaken for a lousy blame game on others. This axiom as old as Eden spells a clear and concise picture that what you allow into the mind eventually makes or unmakes the man. 

Let’s face it: harbouring good thoughts can be very difficult a task to do, especially in a world where negative thoughts seem easier to come by than good and better ones. This can be done by practising the discipline of taking control of your mind for a better life. Nobody says controlling your very thoughts is easy to do but for want of a better life, you must discipline yourself to always decide on what you allow into your mind. The average human processes 6,000 thoughts that run through the mind per day. 

Although some of these thoughts can’t be controlled, you can definitely decide on which ones to creep into your subconscious mind.

The inherent desire to have a better life can’t be disrupted when it comes living here in this world. Good life goes with good thinking. And I’m yet to see a successful person living the better life, who has negative and toxic thoughts taking hold of his life. The capacity of the mind to modify your current situation, can’t be overemphasised when it comes to making your life a better one. This makes it paramount for you to tap into the power of your mind daily for a better life. Here are some ways you can do exactly this.

Practice big picture thinking daily

You can take hold of your thoughts by making a daily commitment to think about the bigger picture of your life. Practising this daily, filters your mind off the frivolities of life and paves a singular focus on your vision. This can be done early in the morning and between the hours of the day. 

 Reflective thinking must be cultivated

Starting your day with a clear sense of purpose will definitely keep you in check to pursue your vision. What’s more, it gives a clearer perspective to evaluating what transpired in the achievement of your goals. Reflective thinking affords you the opportunity to know exactly what you were able to achieve and what you weren’t able to. This eventually calls for improvement in all of your life’s endeavours.

 Make good use of your creative mind

Your mind as a powerful tool must be put to good use. Explore the inner workings of your mind by being creative and inventive. For a better life, you can’t be just like the ordinary human being! Be different by looking at things with a completely different perspective and finding newer and greener ways of going about life’s ordinary activities.

4. Your Association Matters 

The inherent desire for a better life can’t be just all about getting money. There is more to the better life we all want than having just more than enough. Life wasn’t created to be lived in solitary. As gregarious as we are, there’s an inbuilt longing for the association of others. What’s more, our association matters when it comes to having a better life. It is, therefore, of great interest to remember daily to build and maintain good and healthy friendships. 

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“No man is an island”, as the old saying goes, proves the power of association, therefore, the influence of our association or network can not be compromised. Your association portrays your character.  Notwithstanding, you must be selective of your association. For that matter, making the decision to commit to building healthy associations is necessary to the better life you desire.

A daily remembrance to build a better and healthy relationship/network can be done on these premises:

  • Connecting with individuals of common interest, talent and skillsets. 
  • Individuals with common goals geared towards a greater vision that will outlast their very existence.

But how many times have you failed to achieve something just because you didn’t know the right person to go to? Or how did you feel when you were lost in a gathering just beFour Things To Remember Daily For A Better Lifecause you knew nobody? If you aren’t a victim of any of these yet, how about your downtimes when nobody seemed perturbed about it? 

These and many more depicts how we long and yearn for association and the basic reason to network with others. The world has seen a complete transformation of people’s lives just because they were associated with certain individuals. 

So remembering daily to commit to building healthy associations always helps create a better life you’d always want.  It involves hard work and mostly courage, especially for shy types. The following presents some guidelines especially for the shy types when it comes to building a healthy association for a better life.

  • Always remember to keep a smile: it does a lot to your face and makes people feel much welcome to start a conversation.
  • Always try and be the first to start a conversation especially when tensions are high.
  • Never forget the names of people because the names are above all else is important to them. It does something magical.

This advice from Jim Rohn that “You become like the five people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully.” makes it more important that as we remember to establish a healthy relationship, it must be done with caution. This will undoubtedly create the better life you want.


The secret to living a better life is not found just in accumulating wealth but by a total transformation in every endeavour of your life. This calls for a commitment to discipline yourself to make it possible to establish what you desire. 

So go out with your shoulders high by remembering any or all of the impeccable four ways shared for a better life. We would be glad for you to share with us which one you’re going for and why. The comment section is all yours to do so.

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