Fatherhood is life! Therefore without any guiding fatherhood principles, society stands a huge risk of several societal challenges. Any man can give birth. But it takes the indispensable role of a father to take full and active responsibility for his children. Over the past decade, however, society has displaced the very importance of fatherhood. Many issues of concern have been redefined by society. Most especially pertaining to fatherhood. Most men in our nation and around the world are being faced with overwhelming “men challenges”. From male malaise to an identity crisis and a host of others, men have almost seen it all. Society has been thrown into topsy-turvyness. Our prisons are filled with bitter teenagers, girls with pregnancy, and depressed youth. But this Father’s Day let’s take a look at some of the guiding principles of fatherhood!

The Father As The Source And Foundation of the Family

The very word father connotes a crucial meaning that must be looked at. Having the ability to procreate doesn’t make a man a father. Every man is capable of doing that! It takes a man who knows that he’s the source of the family and not just the head to stand his grounds as a father. The source of anything or anyone gives a firm foundation to whatever its resources. This principle is the same for the father, who provides a solid foundation for the family. The father is the source and the foundation makes him responsible for generations that will come after him.

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Responsibility as the Bedrock of Good Fatherhood Principles

But it all starts when he takes full responsibility for the family especially the children. The responsibility of the family should not be left to the mothers solely. The family is looking for fathers who will take full responsibility for the house not just as the head but the source that provides a firm foundation for the family growth.

Sons are looking for real fathers who wouldn’t just be present or absent in their lives but ones who would take it upon themselves to create a solid foundation for them in all of life’s endeavors! Daughters yearn for fathers who will man up enough so that they can depend on. The statistics are clear. Children who come from father-absent homes are far more likely to take to drugs, most depressed, and are mostly involved in social delinquency. It can all be traced to the absence of a father in the family. Children tend to go elsewhere for foundational truths, which can only be given by the collaborative effort of the father and mother.

It is clearly reiterated in this simple but profound statement by Roy Lesson, “The imprints of a father remain forever on the life of a child”. I can safely say that, if all that children remember is the absence of their father, then a form of hatred and bitterness will forever be imprinted in their minds! I’m clearly aware that fatherhood has been a different and more daunting task for men to contend with than it was generations ago, but we shouldn’t lose focus of the very guiding principles of fatherhood. Fathers should never forget that whatever they do directly affects society! If only men would take responsibility in the house, imagine how society would be.

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The Father As A Sustainer, Teacher And A Guide

A clear reflection of societal confusion can be traced to the absence of a father in the house. The rates of divorce and domestic violence have been staggering. Statistics show that more than 20 million children live in a home without the presence of their fathers and a million live with their physical fathers but are emotionally absent. And having a father in the house does necessarily means he is fathering you! It takes a father who would sustain the family no matter what the forces of societal change.

Traditional roles no more define the functions they performed again. In a fast-changing world, it takes a father to bear the weight of the family regardless. Sustaining the family also comes with teaching and guiding the family in order to withstand the waves of change in society. The Nourishment of the family can be done when fathers take it upon themselves to teach their children about self-concept, convictions, and beliefs. A man needs affirmation from their fathers in order to confirm his manhood. Daughters can be taught healthy relationships with others. And not just through the mother’s teaches but the father’s as well.

Education about the most crucial matters like sex should be taught by the family especially by their fathers. This will minimize the misinformation about sex and its related matters. But what do we see, most of these aspects of teaching and guiding to the influence of society? Which has done harm than good? A father teaches and guides, so the very next time you feel like society confusion seems indomitable consider being the teacher in your family.

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A Word Of Caution!!

A word to our young men who would eventually be fathers. Regardless of the reasons your father wasn’t there for you, it’s time to let it go. Let it go. Not because of him. But to release yourself from being held captive to his actions. The colossal damage being caused by the absence of a father is evident in our everyday life. Time is up. Let’s change the narrative, the baton is being handed over! Either to continue in this cycle of collateral damage or to restore it. And to the other side of the coin, if there hasn’t been a fatherly figure in your life. Just take another look around! Find one and experience the paradigm shift your life would take.

Kudos to fathers who stop at nothing to see their children live better and successful lives. Fathers represent the meat-and-potatoes of leadership, accountability, responsibility coupled with the capability to plan and have a clear sense of purpose. Let’s not forget that!

Happy Father’s Day!

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