Entrepreneurship Books For Africans By Africans

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Being a successful entrepreneur in Africa depends on you making books your life’s companion. The idea of entrepreneurship at the start maybe all fun. But to start and grow a healthy, thriving business, you will need a lot of knowledge. In this article, we have 10 entrepreneurship books for Africans by Africans to help you steer your business to success.

Your knowledge as a small business owner may not be at the same level as those who have been in the business before you. And the good part is, you can learn from their experiences that can make you grow faster and make your business successful

Take a look at these entrepreneurship books by Africa’s successful entrepreneurs written for entrepreneurs like you in Africa.

1. Challenges to African Entrepreneurship in 21st Century | By Opoko Darko and Eve Sandberg 

The book covers the critical challenges faced by aspiring African entrepreneurs. And the coping strategies they adopt to manage and develop their businesses. The book explains the constraints placed on the African entrepreneur through rich case studies. It also challenges African leaders and international donors to review their approach towards the continent if they hope to see African entrepreneurs succeed.

A review by James Mittelman about the book says, “Delving deeply into the wellsprings of African entrepreneurship, Opoku and Sandberg’s volume shows the dynamics and variations of capitalism on the continent. It offers historical case studies of myriad ways to negotiate extraordinary challenges. Meticulously researched and deftly crafted, this landmark book will prompt wide reflection on development strategies.” (James H. Mittelman, Distinguished Scholar in Residence and University Professor Emeritus, American University, USA).

2. Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs |By Makura Moky

To learn about some of the most successful entrepreneurs and dynamic businessmen currently operating in the African region, this is your book. The book comprises of a series of profiles. With each chapter dedicated to an entrepreneur and focuses on the personality and the story behind their achievements and success.

Issues discussed in the book include: how they started in the business; their defining moments; the challenges they faced and how they overcame them; their frustrations and achievements; what kept them going; what they learned in the process; things they would have done differently; their relationship with political power structures; opinions on leadership, on Africa’s future; heroes and villains, and finally, the legacy they leave behind.


Some of the names included in the book are: Kagiso Mmusi (Botswana), Victor Fotso (Cameroon), Jean Kacou Diagou (Cote d’Ivoire), Gerald Mangoua (Cote d’Ivoire), Kofi Amoabeng(Ghana), Kwabena Adjai (Ghana), Chris Kirubi (Kenya), Daniel David (Mozambique), Wale Tinubu (Nigeria), Aliko Dangote (Nigeria), Aliou Sow (Senegal), Mzi Khumalo (South Africa), Keith Kunene (SA), Ndaba Ntsele (SA), Herman Mashaba (SA), Richard Maponya (SA), Mo Ibrahim (Sudan), Reginald Mengi (Tanzania), Ali Mufuruki (Tanzania) and Wavamunno (Uganda).

3. How we made it in Africa | By Jaco Maritz

At WordInspired, we believe that learning from the stories of other entrepreneurs who have built thriving businesses can go a long way in helping small business owners to build their own success. In this book, you will learn how25 African entrepreneurs beat the odds to make their dreams a reality.

In this book, you will discover why Ken Njoroge is building a billion-dollar pan-African digital payment company. Find out how Jean de Dieu Kagabo grew a Rwanda-based industrial group from a simple product. And how a booming insurance company was created from nothing but grit and persistence by Hassan Bashir. Each story is told with honesty, not hiding the mistakes made and the considerable hurdles they had to overcome. 

4. From Gomba to the White House | By Rehmah Kasule

This book covers the story of an African woman entrepreneur who journeyed from a small village to the White House. Even though the book is based on true-life experiences, it’s is more than just a story. It is a personal and business development tool with practical lessons. On how to believe in yourself and your dreams and dare to be different.

How to learn, share and collaborate with others. The book will teach you the power of networking, mentorship and paying it forward. From Gomba to the White House will teach you that everyone can make a difference. You can achieve anything in life as long as you know and believe in who you are. The book teaches that it does not matter where you are, all that matters is belief, dreams and hope.

5. Starting your business in South Africa | By Guy Meleod

For formulas on how to start your own business in South Africa, look no further. This book is made for new and established entrepreneurs who are determined to succeed. Covering areas such as how to choose a business idea, market research, drawing up a business plan and finding finance.

In addition, there is advice on company registration, organization production, managing cash-flow, staff and stock. Marketing and selling your product, coping with creditors and debtors and dealing with tax and legislation.

6. Making Futures | By Sangu Delle

This book tells the story of an emerging Africa through the eyes of 17 youngest and most promising African entrepreneurs. It showcases young entrepreneurs who are taking charge of their futures. Building innovative enterprises to radically change the lives of their communities.

Making Futures equips readers with knowledge about the markets and growth across the continent. And how small business owners are identifying problems as opportunities and seeding growth in a continent that has been long overlooked.

7. Africa Rise and Shine | By Jim Ovia

Jim Ovia, the author of this book is the founder and chairman of Zenith Bank. He is referred to as the Godfather of Banking by Forbes Africa. His achievements prove that we can achieve anything.

In Africa Rise and Shine, Ovia tells the story of his business and banking success and how he was able to create one of Africa’s largest banks. The book dives into the events that led to his success; his educational experiences and relentless determination. He overcame the every challenge that stood in the way of his bank becoming the national icon it is today.

8. Africa’s Business Revolution | By Acha Leke, Musta Chironga, George Desvaux

This book provides the story of the future of business in Africa; its future growth prospects and help readers understand the opportunities for building profitable and sustainable businesses. Africa’s Business Revolution draws on in-depth research by the McKinsey Global Institute and the McKinsey’s extensive experience advising corporate and government leaders across the continent.

The book is packed with company case studies and exclusive interviews with some of Africa’s most prominent business executives. It comes to life with the vibrant stories of those who have navigated the many twists and turns on the road to building a dynamic and successful business. 

9. Trust, institutions and managing entrepreneurial relationships in Africa | By Isaac Oduro Amoako

This book by Isaac Amoako Oduro highlights the importance of understanding how trust and indigenous cultural institutions in Africa enhances the development of good entrepreneurial networks and relationships in the African region.  The book draws on institutional theories. The way entrepreneurial behaviours can be shaped with focus on building trust, networks and relationships.

The book analyses existing literature and empirical data from 50 internationally trading SME’s in Africa. And reflects the interest of entrepreneurs, investors and corporate executives to develop trust and relationships with customers in order to invest and grow. It addresses the need of how greater understanding of social and cultural institutions in Africa affects the continent’s economy. 

10. 101 ways to make money in Africa | By John-Paul Iwuoha, Harnet Bokorezion

This book was written to show the unbelievable business opportunities that exist in Africa. And the amazing success stories that prove the continents profitability and the opportunities available for the region to develop.

The book will charge your brain with innovative ideas that will make you money in the region. The book is written for two classes of people; the African and the non-African living outside the region who want to start a business here. The second are the millions of potential entrepreneurs in the region but have no idea what kind of business to start.

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