Before You Connect The Dots…

The fragrant nature of life positions an inner and outer oriented display of deep rooted values. These values encircle the soul of man each time one gets immersed in the fountain of wisdom of the Supreme Being.

The web of emotional and social connection magnificently evident in the lives of many is never a thing of the past, but an automatic phenomenon that is part of the continuing chain and pattern of the planet, earth. Day in and day out new patterns of relationship are initiated while at the same time, new exit pathways are generated to end existing ones. Sustainability is the perfectionist ultimatum, in which all people within and outside a particular social circle would like to attain and give more credence to, however, it proves to be a very tedious and laborious task.


It’s worth it

This evidently affirms that greater efforts and energies must be cautiously and prudently injected and invested in building a solid alliance in every human relationship. Better cultural orientation, communication skills, emotional intelligence techniques, self-awareness principles, empathy, warmth soothing posture, assertiveness and lively composure must be keenly employed and effectively applied to stimulate and enhance the smooth running of the alliance, for better outcomes.

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The complexity of the behaviour of humans often times evaporates a wave of uncertainty with regards to the sustainability of relationships. The reality is that, clashes of ideas, social belief systems, religious differences, family orientation and diverse cultural orientation, will highly uplift their flags of manifestation. This is because, conflict is an inevitable characteristic element of every social circle. Without it, society will continue to race at complete stagnation, hence, all its progressive imperatives will be tied to a static pole.

Spousal selection is one of the most difficult tasks in life, around the globe. Most people fail this examination because of its complexity and uncertainty nature. Morality, a key component or considerable factor in this exercise, has proven to be a delicate and dicey issue, which often times blinds people from hitting the right target. Most people tend to implicit or hide their true identity and moral orientation at the initial stage of the “alliance”, which if better assessment and extensive analysis are not done, may birth an unexpected liability in the subsequent stages of the “relationship”. During the initial stage, cultural competence and effective communication techniques, especially non-verbal communication skills, must be duly and cautiously utilized to help detect cases of deception, lies and fake personality patterns.

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This complex dilemma is mostly resolved when competently clear about the direction one is racing and/or fully immersed in the content of “matters of the heart”, gained better experience, and fully clothed with the armor of wisdom.

Factually, marriage is a lifetime and lifelong learning journey. Therefore, greater level of cautiousness and vigilance must be exercised in its initiation, planning and implementation. Before a decision is made in choosing a partner for life, one must take into consideration the person’s belief system, goals, vision or aspiration in life, the historical trend of his or her family, religious orientation and trustworthiness level. The escalating rate of divorce around the globe is greatly attributed to people’s inability to make an extensive pre-marital analysis and assessment of their living patterns.


The role of being accommodative

One critical skill one needs at this stage is diversity management. Thus, the ability and willingness to accept, embrace and fully understand the differential variables such as needs, demands, strength, weakness, social belief system, personal feelings and emotions, resources, mistakes, expectations of others and effectively aligning and integrating them into your life patterns, however difficult they seem to be. People with this kind of skill thrive well in their relationship, marriage, social life, leadership journey, as well as the field of industry. Wide range of prospective partners may be presented at one’s disposal, however, one must take deliberate action to question critically, his or her inner spirit, regarding the reason behind selecting a particular person out the of countless list. Additionally, the “God Factor” must never be ruled out in every step we take regarding our relationships, and marriage life.

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“Relationship” best thrives when two people being strongly witting about their differential characteristics, still cultivate an indestructible decision and will to accept, value, unite and dance to the tune of each other, for a better life.

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