There is absolutely no one without a skill they can boast of. Maybe they don’t know it yet. Once you are reading this article, I hope you have identified some of them already, if not, I encourage you to go find them. Humans are filled with skills and it is through these same skills that we become successful because skills are a part of what we need to create the leverage we need to become successful. Skills come in varying forms and what is generally considered as a skill varies too but what matters is that whether you call them skills or talents or whatever, they’re essential to making your life count.

It’s common to find that what one is good at is your skill and it doubles as your talent. Though skills are also often linked with something you are born with, it’s not entirely true. Some people may be born with certain skills, almost anybody can learn certain skills mostly personal ones So you can learn the skill of proper time management, you can learn to speak well in public and many other amazing skills required for personal success. So if you are shy like me, don’t worry, you can learn to speak in public and be more confident in yourself just like I am doing.

One main problem to self-development in terms of skill development or improvement is that most of us wait for the school system or our employers or some other unknown persons to come and do it for us. Most high profile CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Elon Musk of tesla and SpaceX and Bill Gates have publicly expressed their preference for skills over certificates and academic laurels. If you’re wondering why, it’s a fact that skills and hard work are what actually determine our productivity and nothing else. So never delegate your skill development to anyone else but yourself.

With the internet, it is way cheaper and less difficult to learn a new skill or improve on one you have already. To be able to fully develop your skills (that’s an exaggeration, perfection is unattainable. We only strive for it), you must have a certain set of habits and way of living in order to do so.

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Passion has been spoken of widely and it now seems overrated. I don’t think so. Gone are the days you had to do work just to make money at the expense of your happiness and personal feeling of fulfilment. You can now do what you love, make the impact you desire and still be able to feed from it. To be able to maximize the full potential of your skills, you need to first of all love and believe in what you do. This means being able to do something even though you may not be making ends meet now but you are sure of future victory so you keep on with the hustle of doing what you love.

Be curious. Continually learn. Read books, watch videos, listen to audiobooks, subscribe to leaders in your area on social media etc.

A genuine desire for knowledge is one of the most beautiful things to happen to people desiring to develop their skills. If Curiosity isn’t in your tools, kindly develop it now! To achieve this, the process is simply yet it takes much dedication and commitment that most people are not able to keep it up to the end. The curious person doesn’t brush off new ideas and therefore knowledge. They’re open minded to new concepts and they listen to proponents of such concepts with rapt attention. They conduct their personal research to be able to make a personal opinion on the issue at hand and they never rest at the fact that they haven’t been able to figure something out. They’re constantly hungry for knowledge and to learn new things.

Knowledge and practice is the best way to develop skills. It’s one thing to know how to swim and to actually be able to swim. Being able to absorb and fully understand that statement will do you much good than reading the best literature and research and theses on skills development. To be able to learn quickly, you must be able to fasten your learning cycle to accommodate new skills and concepts as fast as possible. This will enable you to be among the top in any field of your choice because you are able to master any new development in that field and hence you become an expert.

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Have a mentor from your area of interest

Failure is inevitable. It’s a fact, unless you never try new things out. The fact is to become successful you’ll first be a failure at something. The trick is being able to fasten the rate at which you fail so that you will be able to learn what really matters in becoming successful. It’s how the top industry players do. When something new comes, they try it out, fail and learn quickly. Within a short while, they would have learnt a lot from their failures and would be the top in that new technology or idea.

However, it’s not everything that you need to fail at especially things which have already been tried by numerous people and corporations. Its best that you get a role model whom you observe from afar who is a leader in what you do and try to imitate them in what they’re doing and have done already. Make sure these things you are imitating are working for the role model and that you are able to tailor them to your situation before working on them. It is better to have a mentor when doing this. This is because your mentor can literally walk you through implementing these things as compared to a role model whom you may only meet in their books and other non-physical media.

You can also apply what you learn from self-improvement books and other books you read by volunteering

Though role models and mentors are a great way to build your implementation powers, volunteering is another cool thing to do. It helps you with what your mentor and role model will do for you and yet provide you the avenue to work on that. A volunteer is able to develop skills faster because they work in teams and its very cool to do thigs with people who are like minded and with skills you want to develop. Outside the box, volunteering makes you feel like a hero saving the day because you get to help make society a better place for all including yourself. You can’t be happy with your neighbor being very unhappy. It’ll affect you in some way with time.

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Test your knowledge through real life projects and ventures. Constantly put yourself to task with challenges which will help bring out your inner talents and gifts.

Away from mentors, role models and volunteering, you should take the risk and start new ventures of your own. It’s a different feeling and sensation to be working on your own stuff than working for someone else. This will allow you the opportunity to actually test your ideas and to work on what you love doing. Working on your own venture does not mean you are going to do away with constant learning out of curiosity, getting a role model or mentor and volunteering. It’s the best way to develop your skills. The best way to learn to do something is to actually do it and skills are not out of the equation. Skills are developed and sharpened through repetition. Repetition is the master of mastery. You can spend years learning about something but your biggest break will only come when you actually do that something through your own efforts.

Take away from this will be two major things mastery come from repetition and knowledge but most importantly from repetition. You may have the knowledge but lack of physical action will only render you a good theoretical guru in that thing. It’s one thing you know how to swim and actually being able to swim. So whatever skill it is that you want to develop, start at it now!

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