Cover letters are letters attached to your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume when applying for various job positions. The aim of these letters is to provide a more detailed description of your relevant competencies for the position you are applying for.

There are different types of cover letters. These include a part-time cover letter, new level entry job, academic cover letter, internship cover letter and prospecting cover letter. In this article, I give general tips on how to go about writing any of these letters depending on your particular need.

New Level Entry Cover Letter

How do you write a cover letter that highlights your best traits even if you have little or no experience? How do you go about this to give yourself the best chance of scoring an interview?

As a new graduate, writing a cover letter may prove to be arduous because of the emphasis on hiring managers’ place on experience. How do you write a captivating letter that will grab the interest of the manager to score an interview?

Every employer has specific needs that they will like the candidate to satisfy. It is your task to write a letter that only underlines your best skills, academic accomplishments and qualification but also conveys your enthusiasm and passion for the role. Another basic requirement is your ability to write succinctly and concisely, communicating your ideas with clarity.

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In your cover letter, you should show using your experiences be it internships, volunteer positions or extra-curricular activities that you are the right candidate for the job. Mention only those experiences that relate to the position being applied for.

Finally, ensure you proofread your cover letter about 3 times to correct all errors.

Here is a good example of such a letter. 

Example of New Level Entry Cover Letter

Resume Genius Example

Part-time Cover Letter

You may need to apply for a part-time job at some point in your life to gain work experience or for monetary or personal reasons. However, Writing a cover letter for a part-time job is no different from writing for a full-time job.

Essentially, the same guidelines and structure that you follow to write a cover letter for a full-time letter. There are a few necessary additions that will help your letter stand out. 

You should indicate in your letter your availability to work at different hours of the day.

You should indicate in your letter that you are willing to work flexible hours. This means you can work anytime and any day.

On the other hand, express in your letter the days of the week you are available if you may have other commitments on other days. You don’t want to be hired and find out that your work clashes with other engagements. Also, indicate a willingness to work overtime as well. Remember to keep your letter brief.

Examples of Part-time Job Cover Letter

Example from

An Example From WordTemplatesOnline

Example from The Balance Careers

Internship Cover Letter

The likelihood of you having to attach a cover letter to your CV when applying for an internship is high.

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The expectations of hiring managers when it comes to interns really come down to being passionate about the job and having the drive to learn.

To impress the hiring manager, you must make extra effort to research the company thoroughly. Find a fitting way to include these researched points in your letter showing how the company’s goals and ideals align with your career goals.

Don’t forget to mention your academic competencies in the letter.

Though you may lack job experience, you could still provide examples that show you are more than capable of learning.

Examples of Internship Cover Letter

Example from Resume Genius

An Example from The Balance Careers

Academic Cover Letter

If you want to land a job in the field of academia, there are necessary tweaks that you will have to make to your standard cover letter to get this opportunity. An academic cover letter is used by professors, lecturers, research fellows, research assistants, teaching assistants, academic advisors and academic administrators.

Make mention of your dissertation or thesis and how it makes you the best candidate for the position. In doing this don’t focus on the details of your thesis.

Instead, explain your motivations for undertaking such a thesis and a few lessons. Mention teaching experience if any. Address the issue of your teaching style and the main reasons for you adopting it. Provide evidence as to why you are a good fit for the role.

Keep your tone very formal. Don’t use the same letter for all your applications. Take time to craft a unique letter that is fitting for every application you make. Finally, do well to proofread your letter to eliminate all errors.

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Examples of Academic Cover Letter

Examples from Resume Genius

Example from Great Sample Resume

Prospecting Cover Letter. 

With the uncertainty in the job markets, it is still important that job seeker make employers aware of the availability of their services. Even if they are not recruiting. The prospecting cover letter is also known as a letter of interest/inquiry letter/cold-call letter. It seeks mainly to introduce yourself to a prospective employer.

Here your goal is to find out from a prospective employer if there are open positions within their company.

Research the company. Find everything from personnel, operations, goals processes and culture. Also, find out who the hiring manager of the company is so that you can properly address the letter. Indicate your employable skills, qualifications and key strengths.

Highlight your transferrable skills. Such as being a team player, good communication and a problem solver that make you suitable for the company. 

If you are able to write a good letter, you will be the first point of call. Especially when there is a job opening within the company.

Example from

Example from slideshare

Example from the balance careers


Even though writing a cover letter may be daunting, I hope following the tips in this article would make your task easier. The general tips include doing a good research on the company you are applying, explaining why you are a fit for the position and proofreading your letter. Please do well to check out the examples in this article for a deeper insight into writing cover letters.

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