Lives and lifestyles changed when the novel coronavirus breached our borders in March. Scientists and governments have been on the front to find a cure and protect humanity against the virus. A lot is happening from the race towards finding a cure and looking out for new symptoms. We have some of these coronavirus updates you should know and keep you informed.   

Our Top 5 Coronavirus Updates 

1. Case Counts As Of 8th October (source:

The worldwide total case stands at 36.2M with 25.2M recoveries and 1.06M deaths. We have 7.90M active cases and out of that, 7,871,215 which represent 99% are in mild condition and 67,516 representing 1% are in critical condition.

The US stills leads the world with 7,776,224 total cases with 4,983,380 recoveries and 216,784 deaths.  India (6,835,655), Brazil (5,002,357) and Russia (1,260,112) follow with Columbia (877,683) in fifth place. 

China where the outbreak started stands with 85,500 total cases with 80,666 and only 200 active cases with 2 in critical conditions. 

Cases in Ghana stand at 46,829 total cases with 46,060 recoveries and 303 deaths. We have 466 active cases with 4 of them in critical condition. 

2. China’s Experimental Vaccine

Researchers are saying that China’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine appears safe. The Chinese experimental coronavirus vaccine being developed by the Institute of Medical Biology under the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was shown to be safe in its early stage of a clinical trial.

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A Phase 1 trial shot with 191 healthy participants showed no severe reactions, as reported on the 6th of October in a paper posted on medRxiv . 

“All the data obtained in this trial support the safety and immunogenicity of this inactivated vaccine and are encouraging with regard to further studies of its efficacy in the future,” the paper said.

The common adverse side effects reported by the trial participants were mild pain, slight fatigue, itching and swelling at the injection site. China currently has at least four experimental vaccines in the final stage of clinical trials. 

3. The Push For A Vaccine

 According to the World Health Organization (WHO) said on the 6th of October that a vaccine against COVID-19 may be ready by the end of 2020. The Director-General of the WHO also said that investment into vaccines and government commitment is required to win the fight against the pandemic.

“We will need vaccines, and there is hope that by the end of this year, we may have a vaccine. So, investing in vaccines while implementing the tools we have at hand will be important, and they will give us better results. The most important thing now is investing in or using all the tools at hand. And many countries have shown that with the tools we have, they were able to suppress and control the pandemic. The most important tool is a political commitment from our leaders, especially in the equitable distribution of the vaccines”

WHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus.

4. 5 New Scary Symptoms

There are new coronavirus symptoms that are scaring health workers around the globe you need to know about as you keep an eye for the already existing signs that you’re infected.

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A survey at the Indiana University School of Medicine and Survivor Corps conducted by Dr Natalie Lambert shows the long-term effects COVID-19 survivors are having. The COVID-19 ‘Long Hauler’ Symptoms Survey Report identified 98 long-lasting symptoms survivors are having. We have picked the top 5 for you.

i. Heart Palpitations 

Science Mag reports that the virus can cause long-term damage to the heart and doctors are really concern about this. Depending on how the heart heals after COVID-19 infection could help determine whether the patient will develop an irregular heartbeat.  

ii. Dizziness 

Healthline reports that dizziness and rashes are symptoms that people having the virus may miss. 

iii. Memory Problems

Natalie C. Tronson, an Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan says that “Because COVID-19 involves a massive release of inflammatory signals, the impact of this disease on memory is particularly interesting to me because there are both short-term effects on cognition and the potential for long-lasting changes in memory, attention and cognition.”

iv. Anxiety 

A poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association, nearly half of Americans (48%) are anxious about the possibility of getting the coronavirus, and nearly four in ten Americans (40%) are anxious about becoming seriously ill or possibly dying from the virus. More than 62% are anxious about the possibility of family and loved ones getting the coronavirus.

v. Trouble in sleeping (COVID-somnia)   

Reports from Neurology Today says that there are increased sleep disturbances and the misuse of the sleep medications in people recovering from the coronavirus and people whose lives have been beset by disorders are seeing an increase in sleep disorders associated to the virus. 

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5. Questions on coronavirus reinfection

A 33-year-old man from Spain travelling to Hong Kong was the first man in the world to have confirmed coronavirus reinfection. The good news was that when he was tested positive the second time for the virus, his immune system defended and contained the virus without him knowing.

 A week later the first case, Public Health Workers in Nevada reported another reinfection, this time with severe symptoms. Doctors report that the 25 years old man from Nevada was hospitalized as a result of the second infection. This raised a lot of questions about the reinfection.

 A professor of immunobiology at Yale University, Akiko Iwasaki who has been following the cases of reinfection says that “it’s really hard to find a pattern right now, essentially every case is different.” 

How Common Are Reinfections?

With more than 30 million infections worldwide, two dozens of reinfections have been confirmed. Reinfections as at now seem uncommon but scientists also say that confirming reinfection is no easy task and many cases have been missed.

Bottom Line

It is important that we keep you informed on information about the virus in order for you to protect yourself and loved ones. As you process these five new updates on the virus, know that the fight against it is far from over and that reinfections are possible and may even be worse because we have no data to analyze how the reinfection works.

Continue to keep safe, observing the safety protocols and together we can defeat this virus.

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