How To Climb To Greater Heights In Life.

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As the popular adage in life goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. 

Sometimes the fear of cowardice does not make you take a step forward. If you do not take that first step, you will always be at the same place. 

Most people turn to dust without having achieved any success in life but that should not be your story. Be someone nobody thought you would be, that someone whose achievement traits becomes someone else’s success guide. 

One cannot achieve greater heights without planning. In order to achieve your goal, one must have determination, courage, commitment, discipline and consistency. Those are the key points needed to attain greater heights.

How To Climb To Greater Heights In Life.

1. Determination Is The First Key To Achieve Success 

As easy as the word determination flows from your tongue, it is difficult to be determined. Making plans or having goals without being determined is like eating solid food. But refusing to drink water when your throat gets dry or when you choke on it. 

No dreams or resolutions can be achieved without determination. Determination fuels your day to a great start. It fuels your mind, body and soul into believing the notion that one can achieve anything he/she sets his/her mind on. 

Mastering the act of being determined is the first key to success. Without this first step, you may lose the energy to continue when the road gets tough. If you are a lazy person like me who tend to complain a lot, “And I am tired!”,  “I can’t do it!” or “it is too difficult” then you have a problem. But do not let it be a hindrance to achieving success. 

Although it is normal to complain, do not let it stop you from striving higher. No successful man was lazy, we can all agree to that. You can rest when you are tired. You can complain a little but do not let laziness make you lose the race. Once you have regained your strength, you stand up and continue. 

2. Be Courageous When The Road Gets Tough

Let courage clothe your skin because you will face trials of hardships or turbulence along the path. You are strong. You are determined after all!

Your bravery is your courage. You need to build your courage and with it. You can laugh in the face of danger when the turbulence occurs or when you encounter hardships. Like in the Lion King Disney movie, Simba was able to outsmart the hyenas. This was not because he was strong but because he was brave. 

Some might say it is just a movie. And this is the real world but movies are filmed by stories or experiences of people. Every movie has a story to tell so ask yourself, what is my story? Were you courageous enough to attain the happy ending you have always dreamt of? 

3. Be Committed Towards The Goal You Want To Achieve

Dreams fail because of one thing; not being committed. You might be determined and courageous yet you fail because you lack commitment. As you write down your goals make a commitment. Have you made a pledge to yourself to fulfil it? 

Did you promise to do all on your To-do list by the end of the year? And did you do it? Most people tend to confuse determination and commitment to be the same but actually, they are not. 

‘I am determined to buy a car!’ But does it mean you have bought the car? 

Commitment is the action taken when you are determined to achieve something. The act of saving every month towards buying your dream car shows that you are committed to buying the car. Therefore, the first step you take must be with courage. In order for you to finish the race, you must be committed.

4. Adopting A Sense Of Self-discipline 

What comes to mind when you hear self-discipline? It is all about attitude and habits. Condoning your impulses of spending unnecessarily prevents you from saving. The acts of continuous break you take while in a marathon that eventually makes you the last to finish the race does not help you to attain your goal. 

This is because while you were catching your breath, your opponent was still running. Determine which aspects of your life are controlled by your attitude. Ask yourself if it is positive if not, you need to shape your attitude. 

Therefore self-discipline here means developing a sense of positive attitude towards that consistent task. Identify your personal talents and abilities and develop those strengths to fulfil your goals.

5. Consistency In Your Daily Life

Furthermore, you must have a daily routine to achieve greatness. Be consistent and track your progress. If your consistency does not show progress, make adjustments where necessary. But with the intent of what works best for you. It should be within your strength. 

For instance, the money set aside is not enough to buy that dream car at the end of the year. So, what do you do? You increase your savings. But you must make sure that you save the exact amount you have planned and do that at the appropriate time. This will show consistency in your savings routine to buy a car. Consistency also shows that you are focused on your intention. 

Again, keep track of your progress, develop the focus and consistency required to turn that dream into reality.


In conclusion, you need to create an attitude of gratitude on your journey towards success. No matter the outcome of your goal, negative or positive, master the craft of patience and link it. Climb To Greater Heights In Lifeith those five powerful keys and together, you can attain greater heights in life.

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