Importance of Balance in Your Life and How to Achieve it Lifestyle

There comes the point in our lives where we have too much to do or have too little to do. Cast your mind to the many tasks you may have to perform while at work or in school. Most of us get swamped with our work or studies that we get to the point of exhaustion. We get so stressed to the point that our jobs or studies become an unwanted nuance in our lives. Why wouldn’t it?

Things The Successful Do Differently People

If you sincerely want to have a successful and achievement filled life, you need to get serious about doing something differently. I trust that, after reading about the 15 things the successful do differently, you have gained some insight, understanding that success is never what you are, but what you do differently.

Aliko Dangote richest man in africa-african rich people-wealthiest african People

The list of Africa’s rich people and billionaires is one that has seen a constant figure for the last decade. Aliko Dangote for the 10th year in a row is the richest person in Africa. His fortune has risen by about $2B from last year. Second to Mr. Dangote in the list is Nassef Sawiris from Egypt. Nassef Sawiris is known for his almost 6% shareholder status with sportswear maker Adidas. In general, the richest people in Africa according to Forbes are 12% richer than a year ago.


Investment has made ordinary people into millionaires and billionaires and they won’t be the last. Many more people are getting rich and making it by trading and making various investments. Some deal on the stock market, others buy bonds, others prefer buying treasury bills. Most only see the results of the many investments that people make to become wealthy but fail to see that behind the success lies a certain set of formulas, set of principles and timeless wisdom which guides them to make the best decisions.

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