The term pre-crastinations got its first scientific proving from a research involving students in what is called the economics of effort. College students were given the task to carry a pair of buckets, one on the left side of a walkway and one on the right side of the same walkway.

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Lying is most often used maliciously to manipulate you. People with little interpersonal skills or non-existing, have no other means to get what they want from you. Others, even though they could be truthful and honest, prefer to lie to you because it seems easier to get what they want from you.

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Since the beginning of time, humans across the globe have been pursuing singular goals: first it was sex, then money, now it is happiness. From the executives on Wall Street, to the sheepherder on the rural plains of Kenya, to the stay-at-home mother in China, all of us have been driven by the ceaseless desire to be happy.

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