When your career suddenly hits an invisible bump all may seem lost. And may bring your success to a halt. However, a temporary career roadblock doesn’t mean it should remain permanent or stagnant for too long. 

A Career is a lifetime in the making and can be very slow for others whereas speedy for some. Therefore, the fact that your colleagues are progressing at a faster pace than you are doesn’t mean you are failing. Remember every car and its speedometer. 

Firstly, let’s examine what career enhancement is. 

What Does Career Enhancement Mean?

Career enchantment is the process of transitioning to a successful stage. This is achieved by building on your knowledge, training, skills and confidence to advance your career. This is also known as career growth. Think of your career as a building construction with you as the site manager. You are bound to encounter hurdles slowing your building project or derailing your plans.

In this article, we would focus on why your career has remained stagnant for too long;

1. You Are Afraid Of Failure

Career roadblocks are inevitable especially when it comes to your success. Such hurdles can leave you stagnant for too long without knowing how to overcome it. But the main reason for this could be that you are afraid of failure. Quite Ironic that you can fail by being afraid to fail. 

Being afraid of failing restrains you from taking risks or from taking those big decisions that would change the course of your career. You are simply afraid of falling down that you would rather be comfortable at where you are or remain stagnant.

People who have become successful in their career have failed countless times that they have now gotten used to failing and have learnt how to overcome those failures. If you are unwilling to conquer your fears, that is restraining you from taking risks or making you jump over that bump on the road, you will never know how far you can actually go. 

2. You Have No Career Goals Or Objectives.

How can you be successful in your career without goals? When you have no ambitions why won’t you get stuck on your career journey for long? Goals settings could be difficult when you have no ambitions or maybe you don’t even know what your ambitions are. Your career goals are your long term or short term plans or in other words your ambitions or aspirations. 

You will only achieve career growth or success when you have goals or objectives which you are determined to accomplish. For instance, you have no career goals or plans so you have taken on a job or a career path that you have no passion, skills or interest in. Simply because it pays well but you will eventually get tired of it or end up hating that job because you don’t have passion for it.

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Enoch Kabange said, “If you don’t know your career objectives, how do you create a learning and continuous plan to acquire skills and upgrade on your knowledge and expertise?”

So here is a question for you; what are your career objectives and how do you achieve them?

3. Your Attitude Or Perception Of Your Job.

You don’t often realize it but you blame everyone else for your stagnant career and you think it’s their fault you are not successful. 

But in reality, you will discover that you are not the victim but the judge of your own failures. You are angry at the world because things don’t go your way. When you often behave that way, no one would like you or no good thing would come your way. 

For instance, you are up for promotion but someone else gets promoted because for certain reasons, your Boss hates your guts or attitude. You feel too deserving and entitled and so you are in frictional terms with everyone because you feel you are not treated fairly at work. But you need to bear in mind that if it’s meant to be yours, it will definitely be for you else it was not meant to be.

4. Unworthy Skills And Lack Of Experience.

Upon your self-analysis, you know you lack certain skills or experience for a particular job or promotion hence you are stagnant in your current position because you are not doing what it takes to build your career. And this is one of the most major reasons for setbacks in career enhancement.

For instance, your current job is not giving you enough opportunities to grow in your field and you have been searching for better opportunities outside your firm yet you are not being contacted. In such a case, it is often because you don’t have the skills, experience or the needed requirements for the job. 

In other words, you are not being promoted to the head of your department because the company sees you as unfit for that role because no one wants an unskilled and an inexperienced employee to tarnish the company’s growth or dwindle the company’s productivity. Hence, you are still stagnant at your current position because you are not a worthy asset to your company. 

5. Not Asking Others For Help.

Being shy or thinking highly of yourself and too proud to ask help. Perhaps from superiors and colleagues alike. Therefore, you don’t ask which is why your career is still stagnant. When you don’t ask for help or directives how do you achieve your goals? For instance, you want to be a blogger but you don’t know the basic tips about content writing and you don’t ask or seek help. How would your articles be good and for others to subscribe to you? And for this reason, your career as a blogger has been stagnant.

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You are using the same old ideas to achieve your desired results yet there’s no positive outcome or yielding faster results. Sometimes, there are certain challenges that are too difficult for you or for one person to handle and it is best you ask for help. Playing the know-it-all attitude would only set a roadblock for you.

There are other causes of roadblocks in one’s career such as you dealing with excessive workload, conflicts with colleagues, lack of motivation or you are simply stuck with a work role that does not match your skills and training.

But with these tips, you can break down any barrier of stagnation in your career: 

How to Enhance Your Career in 5 Ways

1. Break Down Your Walls Of Fear.

Fear of failure is the normality of life. It’s what stops you from taking risks. But when it comes to dealing with obstacles in your career, you need to be courageous to resolve those issues. When fear gets in the way, you can’t come up with logical solutions or ideas. Therefore, to overcome your fears of failure, take those big decisions or risks.

When you fail, you will learn from them and when you learn from them, you won’t repeat those same mistakes again. Hence, it builds on your knowledge and skills. Kill those desires of unwillingness to make the necessary sacrifices and adapt desires of the willingness of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Try new ideas or procedures till it works best for you or gets the job done. 

2. Set And Achieve Your Career Goals Or Targets.

You need to find out what makes you happy and plan towards what will make you happy. They say, ‘never let how to determine the what, you just have to figure it out. Determine early on what drives your happiness and you will be on your way no matter what the outcome is, you can make plans when you figure out your purpose in life.

 It is the secret to avoiding career stagnation. When you make plans, you work towards achieving them. This way, you won’t get stuck along the way because you have goals which will drive you to success. Plan or make goals and be determined to achieve them.


With this, you won’t hate your career along the way because you don’t have interest, passion or the skills for it in the first place. Simply plan or make your career objectives based on your interest, passion or skills and you would love what you do and keep doing it. Therefore, know your career objectives and learn those skills to improve your career and become successful.

3. Have A Positive Mind Towards Life.

One of the keys to overcoming roadblocks in your career is keeping an open and positive mind. You need to change your attitude towards life and accept the good and bad things that come your way. Smile, no matter the outcome and have a positive mind. Having a positive mind is a must when it comes to overcoming your career roadblocks; it attracts positive things in your life. So see every obstacle as an opportunity.

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Reflect on the relationship with colleagues and bosses, improve on your performance at work and free yourself from any bitterness and grudges. And try to get along with everyone because a conflict working environment does not promote your psychological well-being. Because, although you can’t always control the circumstances around you, you can control how you always react to them.

4. Improve On Your Skills And Experience.

You could perform better by acquiring additional skills such as professional courses, training sessions or seminars. Investing in your career would upgrade you to bigger working conditions and opportunities since you are in a favourable position to bargain for the best. You are also seen as a prospective candidate to fill any available position.


That is why in modern Ghana society employment opportunities demand more years of experience with or without educational certificates. You might have a master’s degree but lack the necessary skills to get the job done. With enough skills and experience, you are likely to be successful in your career.

When you know yourself, you won’t get stuck with a career that doesn’t match your abilities, skills or training. And when you improve your training or skills, you are able to choose a career path or change the course of your career when it is not leading to your success. After all, higher skills lead to promotions and better-paying jobs.

5. Ask Others For Help

Although you would feel like the roadblock you are facing is making you fall back, don’t rush and make hasty decisions. If you are confused about something or don’t know how to go about it, seek help. Look for people who have experienced what you are going through and can help you with the issue you are facing. They can tackle the problem with different perspectives or methods. This way, you get to learn from the best and further develop your knowledge and skills. 

As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” When you ask for help, you can both combine ideas and explore all possible routes. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, therefore ask and you will be surprised at how many great ideas people have. With this, you will never be short on ideas because you will have a lot of extra ideas to work with. Also, when you ask others for help, it reduces the burden of the extra load of work on your shoulders.


With these tips, there are valuable lessons to be learnt by paying attention to them. At the end of this article, you will certainly be the better version of yourself. Take these steps one after the other even if it takes longer, you will definitely overcome those roadblocks and be on your way to that successful career you have always dreamt of.

Kindly share with me in the comments your career roadblocks and how you overcame them. 

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