‘Would you get away from here? Are you stupid? Don’t you know who to marry? I am saying NO and I shall always say NO’. These were the exact words of a rich man to a pauper who fell in love with the rich man’s daughter. There lived a pauper who survived by carrying items across different destinations. He was only paid a little amount after he executed such task.

He always had bigger dreams and ambitions of making it very big in life. He dreamed of the mansions he would build and the luxurious life he would be leaving after earning more than enough. Unfortunately, this only remained a dream since his stipend was so low that it couldn’t afford anything talk less of savings. His dreams only remained dreams.

Surprisingly, he met a man who was carrying fragile items and needed him to take it across to his destination so that he could pay him money worth millions provided he never made those items fall down. He was not interested in the destination but he was interested in the amount he was about to make. He quickly said, let’s go to wherever you want us to go.

They set off and this pauper was carrying these items on his head. He then started imagining how he was finally going to live his luxurious life after all those years of struggle. He imagined the number of cars he was going to be driving, the number of businesses he would have working at his disposal and the numerous other adventurers he would be having. Above all, he thought of how he was going to go back to the house of the man who denied him his daughter and say NO to them. In the course of saying no, he lost focus and shook his head and all those items he was carrying fell off.

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The man immediately shouted and started crying. He then said to the man, you have only lost these items but I have lost my mansions, my cars and my wife.

Many of us in life tend to lose focus when we are a few miles or meters away to our dreams. Like the pauper, you get too comfortable with the dreams and visions you are having now. Your progress seems to be coming to its peak and you tend to lose focus.

But just before you lose focus in life, remember your life is still where it is and not where you want it to be. Stay focus on your path to achieving your dreams and work till the last minute and make sure you are focused. Until you achieve that dream or ambition, do not lose focus and make sure you do not say no to whoever wronged you on your way to your success journey.

Just before you shake your head saying no, remember you may drop something you are carrying. Just before you lose focus and shake your head, remember you are carrying very fragile dreams and wait till you drop those items before you shake off your burden. Do not shake your head now.

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