Whenever the list of those making waves in the Nigerian movie and entertainment industry is being written, there will never be a conclusion without the mention of Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known by his stage name AY which will subsequently be used. 

AY was born on 19th August 1971. He has since then worn many hats, including a Nigerian entrepreneur, actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter, writer, movie director, and producer.

AY’s origin traces its roots to Ifon, Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State in Nigeria although he was born and brought up in the city of Warri in Delta State. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from Delta State University, Abraka.

How His Journey Started

Ayo Makun AY What it Takes to Chase a Dream2

While celebrating his current affluence and greatness, it is important to bring to light AY’s persistence and consistency in pushing his way to where he is today. 

The greatness appended to his name today is all an effort of countless hardworking nights and endless persistence. Rome was not built in a day, and AY’s Rome was not also built in a day as well.

What we know today as the AY brand started with the journey of a young and aspiring man being a personal assistant and event manager to Alibaba Akporobome. A humble beginning and reaffirmation of the saying that “there is pride and greatness in a humble beginning” is what we can see and deduce from this instance of the present celebrity making wave in the Nigerian nation. 

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While others will prefer starting great or on a considerable level of greatness, the celebrated AY decided to start his life from a humble and followership standard. Thus, it is safe to say here that the starting point of life is unnecessary, but the process and arrival point is all that matters.

Before meeting Alibaba, who later becomes his paymaster and mentor, AY had already been in the showbiz industry. During his undergraduate days, he launched and hosted shows such as the prestigious Miss Delsu, Miss Delta, and was even reported to have played a lead role in the direction of a convocation production in his alma mater. 

His journey and greatness started dating back to years of consistency and persistence. So while agreeing that Alibaba helped in his greatness, it is also a fact that AY was already ready to be put into this strategic and great position. Before greatness met him, he was prepared and ready for it.

Ay Daring To Push Further

Ayo Makun AY What it Takes to Chase a Dream2

Upon coming to the limelight through his comedy activities, AY did not find total achievement and fulfilment within the comedy space. So, he ventured into other activities like creating the AY comedy skit and live show which was a great move in creating, building, and establishing the AY brand. 

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He dared to venture into other spaces where he tested waters in the movie industry with his debut and hilarious 30 Days in Atlanta, thereby bringing another career path and journey for him as a movie director and producer, which has birthed great movies attached to his name. 

As a being with the focus of achieving the very height of greatness and success, AY never accepted the idea of a comfort zone. For him, an achievement is nothing but a means to creating, pursuing, and achieving other endless landmarks.

AY’s Accolades

AY, who has worked with and promoted reputable brands alongside being a brand ambassador to national and international brands, has bagged numerous accolades over the years. 

Some of them are: Comedian of the Year at Diamond Awards for Comedy, Comedian of the Year at Teen Favourite, Comedian of the Year at MBG Abuja Merit Awards, Comedian of the Year at National Daily Awards, Comedian of the Year at Arsenal Award for Excellence, Comedian of the Year at Mode Men of the Year Awards, all bagged in 2008.


Others include Comedian of the Year at Mode Men of the Year Awards (2009), Comedian of the Year at Nigerian Entertainment Awards (2010), Most Creative Entrepreneur of the Year at Creative Industry Awards (2013), Best Comedy Film at Africa Movie Academy Awards (2015), Nollywood Personality of the Year at The Sun Awards (2017), amongst others.

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In concluding this piece, it is pertinent to reveal the saying that: “some people are born great or into greatness while others work their way into greatness.” AY worked his way into greatness by being prepared for it before it came. 

Upon this premise, a move of reaffirmation is echoed that “the night will not last forever. For the dawn can never be stopped.” But while hoping for the dawn to come, are you ready, are you working hard in your dark days, will the dawn meet you prepared, will your dawn be meant for preparation or an avenue for exploring endless and limitless opportunities?

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