Born in London, United Kingdom, Dag Heward-Mills is an evangelist, pastor and conference speaker.

While receiving training as a medical student at the University of Ghana Medical School, he began the Lighthouse Chapel International, having strongly felt the call of God to start a church. His teachings and wisdom shared at his various conferences and campaigns 

both locally and internationally have awakened a lot of spirits for a change. He is also a theologian as he heads the Anagkazo Bible Seminary and a keen philanthropist.

Here are some of Dag Heward-Mills quotes to keep your spirits high:

  1. “Combining history, common sense, the Word of God and the Spirit of God, every leader can generally predict the way things are going to be”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  2. “There is nothing wrong with helpers who are always learning from foreign ministers. But there is something very wrong when these assistants fail to learn from their own pastors”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  3. “Make sure you are engaged in a job that suits your temperament. If you are choleric, find a leadership job that matches that kind. If you are phlegmatic, ask to be excluded from jobs that require a driving, the leadership personality!”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  4. “As long as you can be trained, you can be wise”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  5. “Those who restrain change and modification are refusing to be recipients of the anointing”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  6. “God usually uses a man or several diverse men to impact your life with the anointing of the Holy Spirit”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  7. “You are as strong as your daily quiet time”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  8. “Don’t allow your achievements to make you proud or change your opinion of yourself”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  9. “Many people can’t take decisions. Only true leaders face the realities and take important decisions”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  10.  “Whenever people focus on what others have, they become discontented. Watch out for discontentment and deal with it in a decisive manner”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  11. “You must strive for excellence because God desires excellence works”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  12. “God allows us to go through certain troubles so we can learn certain things”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  13. “The greatest privilege given to a human being is to work for God”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  14. “We are to be led by the Spirit of God not circumstances”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  15. “Make up your mind to be a man of conviction. Conviction of what, you may ask? Convictions about the things God has called you to do. Have a conviction about the things you are supposed to accomplish in your lifetime. Have a conviction about the things God has told you. Live by these convictions! Be ready to sacrifice anything so that you can fulfill your conviction”. – Dag Heward-Mills 
  16. “Pleasing men cannot make you a servant of Christ”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  17. “The ministry of lord is not safe in the hands of erratic leaders. If you have an erratic nature, decide today to be a committed believer”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  18. “You get to know more about a person if you keep on with the relationship. In the same way, there are many aspects of Christianity that we have to experience. I want you to encounter yet another higher dimension of the Lord – to experience God as your provider. God can supply all your needs”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  19. “I was a pastor when I was a medical student. I made sure I did well in all my exams. I made sure I had no problems with school. Leadership begins when you bring your domestic affair under control. Gain control over your domestic life”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  20. “You must first control yourself before you can try to control others. A leader must learn to control and direct his natural desire for carnal things. If this carnal instinct is left unchecked, a person will find out that he cannot lead anyone”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  21.  “Be yourself. When a young man proposes to a young lady, he is trying to get her to follow him. The proposal must come from the bottom of your heart. I didn’t read a speech to my wife when I proposed to her. The most successful leaders are those who are real”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  22. “If you fail the test of hurts and offences, you exclude yourself from the mercy of God”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  23. “When bitterness is in your spirit, you will no longer receive from God and He will no longer answer your prayers”. – Dag Heward-Mills 
  24. “Spend your energy on things that bring a blessing” – Dag Heward-Mills
  25. You cannot develop a genuine followership burden by not being affected by your own problems”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  26. “When you go through the pain of financial difficulties, please do not heed to the pressure. Do not become a murmurer. Don’t complain and do not become a thief! When you come under pressure in your marriage. Do not separate or divorce. Fight to achieve happiness. To survive, you will need a whole lot of determination and faith. Be a survivor”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  27. “Many people are held in bondage because their thinking patterns agree with demonic deceptions. People are kept in bondage as long as their minds agree with the ideas that come from Satan. Satan desires to gain control over us. The only chance he has is through our minds”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  28. “Leadership is a desire to help other people attain great things for themselves. A man who has a desire to win the lost any cost is a leader for the cause of the Gospel”. – Dag Heward-Mills 
  29. “God introduces Himself in different ways when different situations turn up”. – Dag Heward-Mills
  30. “What is the secret to having a great vision? I will give you a hint. Look around you and look at anyone doing the things you are passionate about. Make it your vision to attain what the person has achieved and more. Without a vision you will flounder in the sea of aimlessness”. – Dag Heward-Mills
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These are worth reading right? Reflect on these quotes and be inspired by them as you work out your dreams. Do you have a favourite? Share with us below in the comments section!

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