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Helen Keller Quotes People

She became an inspiration to many due to certain circumstances she faced. Helen Keller was born in West Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen lost her sight and hearing abilities after only 9 months after a short illness. This made life quite difficult for her until she met a woman called Anne Sullivan. Helen would later recount the meeting as “my soul’s birthday”.

Aliko Dangote richest man in africa-african rich people-wealthiest african People

The list of Africa’s rich people and billionaires is one that has seen a constant figure for the last decade. Aliko Dangote for the 10th year in a row is the richest person in Africa. His fortune has risen by about $2B from last year. Second to Mr. Dangote in the list is Nassef Sawiris from Egypt. Nassef Sawiris is known for his almost 6% shareholder status with sportswear maker Adidas. In general, the richest people in Africa according to Forbes are 12% richer than a year ago.

The 5 AM Club Method The Best Morning Routine for Success Mind

Mindset is essential in whatever you do. Success requires a mental resilience built through a conscious persistence in attaining the best mind frame. You can improve your mindset through reading, learning, watching, and listening to motivational content.
Your mind can be fixed, or growth inclined. Having a growth mindset is essential in becoming a success. Doing the suggested activities will significantly improve your mindset and develop your psychology for success.


Investment has made ordinary people into millionaires and billionaires and they won’t be the last. Many more people are getting rich and making it by trading and making various investments. Some deal on the stock market, others buy bonds, others prefer buying treasury bills. Most only see the results of the many investments that people make to become wealthy but fail to see that behind the success lies a certain set of formulas, set of principles and timeless wisdom which guides them to make the best decisions.

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