We should be the society that lends a hand. It bothers me not because there is no solution to it but because we lay silent in the wake of a solution. I mean how do you just walk past that woman, that man, that child, that infant and rush home to your comfortable aboard.

That child has no home at least to the best of our knowledge. No place to shelter, in the rains, in the cold times and definitely no at night. This child should be well tacked in reminiscing on the wonderful day they’ve had at school. The new things they learnt, the new friend they made and the homework they need to get through. I ask you my fellow society members why should this not be the case? Why should the child at nine in the evening be running after men and women in the cold begging for money? Let’s forget about the warm cozy bed that bed that this child should be in, in line with proper health and growth needed for the child and the possible ailments the child is being exposed to. What type of ethic is being instilled in this young mind? What type of character are we building? It’s okay to not work for ends meet? It is okay for the child to be the breadwinner?

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What about that man, that woman who desperately needs medical attention or perhaps not so desperately in our eyes. That cut, sadly so deep. Those burns, that injury left unattended for there no funds to meet the financial medical needs and we hurriedly walk past looking the other way. “it’s not the kind of sight I want to feed my mind with at this time, I mean I also have problems” Mostly to that tune is the string of words that roam our minds.

This is not to say all hearts are as cold as ice, no caring eye ever meets the one in need. But our hands are behind our back. Shackled by insufficient funds, barely, making it by our means in our own turf. We hope for a bigger hand to help those we can’t, reach those we could but can’t. The bigger arm that is forever willing to get a cut of all we purchase, food stuff included. Forever taking a cut inform dues we owe for the mere reason of existing in this geographic region.

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