We always desire to have our goals achieved but do we really know what it entails to desire something? Goals are set and left to rot. With the right and pulsating desire, you are on your way to great things. Desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, object, or outcome. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as to crave for something.  When a person desires something or someone, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person, and they want to take actions to obtain their goal. Desire catapults you on to the path of greatness.

Desire filled people obsess over what matters most to them

Desire is a great obsession, not a hope and definitely not a wish. Something definite you know must happen with no excuses. Desire must be full of energy, bustling activity, and excitement. This energy will be transferred to the effort put into the achievement of your goal. My desires to get people know what desire really is drove me mad enough to write this post. Desire sees results laid before you. I have come to realize that many folks just dream of things without really desiring to see them achieved. Desire drives you to take that extra pain that most people wouldn’t tolerate, to get your goal into reality.

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Desire is the starting point of all acheivement

Once I learnt what it actually means to desire something, this drove me to start desiring a whole lot of things which I had previously been wishing to do. Desire is the Starting point of all achievements. This became my realization after my success at things I decided to try after getting out of my wish and hope zone to my desire zone. The fact is, nothing is easy and there is no such thing as something out of nothing. There’s always a price to pay for something. Even if you desire nothing, you may pay the price for someone else’s decisions. But desire gives you the needed motivation to surmount whatever stands between you and the beginning of your greater life.

Desire must be definite

Sometimes we want to get things but we are like “I am just trying to see what happens”. This stems from the fact that we don’t believe it would work. With desire, you know you are not just trying but you are on your way to achieving your desire which has become an obsession of yours. Desire drives you into a world only you know of and experience where your goal is achieved, you see your goal in reality. You create your own reality.

Desire drives you to decide to “Do or die”

Sometimes we think winning is an option or we can do without it. This does not work with desire. Desire gives you only two options, Win or perish and of course you would not want to perish. Therefore, all you know is success and nothing else. This drives a rush of energy in you to act, to take steps to achieving your goal. This energy gives you the required power to overcome obstacles faced on the highway to your success.

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Desire isn’t a mere wish

One most important thing you must know is that desire is not a wish or hope for a goal. Desiring something means you know it is actually attainable and you are ready to take any step to see your goal achieved. After deciding what you want most and knowing that it is attainable, you must build up a strong desire for it after which there’s a plan of execution. It’s not a one day job but one with desire knows so and still goes for it.

Persistence is the result of a burning desire

Desire allows you the needed determination and zeal to see your goal achieved. Desire instills persistence. Persistence does not know what failure and impossible are, it keeps on moving even though you may be working against all odds. There’s a part of you which keeps telling you that this goal must be achieved and will be achieved. You have a reason to work your ass off each and every day with a pulsating desire.

The spirit of desire shows you the end in your mind

Desire makes you to actually feel your goal achieved. Just as you live, you feel you have already achieved your goal and all its benefits. Your current situation does not actually determine anything but your desire and your belief in yourself that this goal of mine can and will be achieved. Thomas Edison, the great inventor saw a light bulb powered by electricity but many others thought he was just nuts. He allowed them the chance because they did not see what he saw and believed could happen. He proved them wrong after many trials and errors. He could have given up but he didn’t, because he felt that his goal was achieved. Let your imagination do the work.

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Desire does not care about anything that does not agree with it

Desire teaches you that even if you have no clue as to how to achieve your goal, begin at once and do anything which you think leads to your goal. Begin small, it will take time but with a pulsating desire you know you are always closer to your goal. Desire outwits Mother Nature. What you set your mind to and work hard with desire, you will achieve. Life gives you what you bargain for.

What do you desire? I hope you are now aware of what it really entails to desire something, to see something happen. Is your desire to get happy? Is it to get closer to God or any other thing? Get going as soon as you realize it is your desire. Desire affords no time in starting though it doesn’t get you rushing. Stay desiring and greatness will come your way.

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