There are four main blood groups, and depending on your blood type, there are lifestyles that are specifically good for you, and there are some that you maintain good health when you avoid. This is an excellent reason to try and know your blood group to support your health journey.

All blood types are made up of plasma, red and white blood cells. But the genes you receive from your parents determine your protein markers (antigens). Your blood type, A, B, AB, or O, depends on the protein makers you receive from your parents. 

Blood is a priceless gift from God, an incredible and essential component of your body. It is an excellent key to understanding your health better and even saving lives through transfusions during emergencies. 

There are 10 critical reasons you should know your blood type and even plan your health and future accordingly. 

7 Reasons You Should Know Your Blood Group

1. To Get The Right Transfusion In An Emergency

Emergencies happen without prior knowledge. Well, that is why they are called emergencies, right?

The most important reason to know your blood type is in the case of an emergency. In an emergency where you need a blood transfusion, you will need the correct mix of blood.

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If you receive a blood type that is not compatible with your blood, you will end up with a blood clot in your veins.

So in an emergency where you may not have time for your blood group to be tested before you receive a transfusion, knowing your blood type confidently can go a long way to saving your life.

2. Blood Donation

When the need arises, someone close to you needs a blood transfusion, knowing your blood group will come in handy.

It is also useful when you want to join a blood donation exercise to supply a blood bank.

Blood transfusions are done keeping in mind that the donor’s and the receiver’s blood are an exact match for both type and Rh element.

However, blood type AB-positive is a universal recipient and can receive blood from all blood types.

Blood type O is a universal donor and can supply red blood cells to nearly any recipient. Type AB is a universal plasma donor, and type O is also a universal red cell donor.

3. Incentive To Control Predicted Health Conditions When You Know Your Blood Group

A review published in the Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: System Biology and Medicine correlates blood groups to certain diseases, from heart disease, dementia, urinary tract infection to norovirus.

While none of the studies are conclusive about the cause and effect, they can’t conclude that blood type X causes this or that disease. 

Research and other studies have also shown that there are some blood types with higher risks of certain diseases than others. 

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Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that type B has a 10% higher risk of artery disease, and type AB had a 23% higher risk.

Type O had the lowest risk of heart disease, and type A was 5% more likely to develop coronary artery disease than those with type O.

You have the incentive to control your lifestyle. Theresuitablefore, you face less risk of diseases associated with your blood group.

4. Knowing Your Blood Group Is Important For Pregnancy 

Pregnant women and women who are looking to give birth should know their blood group.

If the Rh element in the mother is not the same as the baby’s, it could trigger an attack of the baby’s blood. The Rh element is the essential part of knowing your blood type during pregnancy or even before pregnancy.

If the mother has Rh-positive blood and the baby has Rh-negative blood, the mother’s body will react as though it were allergic to the baby when their blood comes into contact.

This can be prevented if the pregnant woman knows her blood type and gets the necessary treatment to protect herself and the baby. 

5. Your Blood Group Can Help You Determine The Healthiest Diet 

Blood Group diet ensures that you eat the types of food good for your health as per your blood type. 

Diet and nutrition experts claim that the food we eat can help our blood boost our immune system. It can even encourage weight loss or encourage weight gain.

Knowing our blood type can help you determine the food to eat and the ones to avoid. 

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6. To Know How Common or Rare Your Blood Type Is

Depending on the antigens and Rh elements in your blood, your blood type may be common or rare. 

Because we know earlier that blood transfusions are done keeping in mind that the donor’s and the receiver’s blood are exact matches for both type and Rh element, you can’t receive just any blood type. 

Knowing that your blood type is rare puts you in a better position to manage yourself well to avoid accidents that may lead to needing a blood transfusion.

7. To Decide on The Best Exercise

Imagine knowing exactly the type of exercise your body needs and can benefit from most. Won’t you just get on with it and get your benefits?

This is another benefit of knowing your blood group.

Type O handles active exercise better, and type A performs better at yoga and AB response better at both.

Bottom Line

There you have it. 7 reasons why you should make it a priority to know your blood group the next time you visit the doctor or the next time you step out to donate blood. We tend to ignore little things like this, and it ends up having effects on our health. I want you to take control of your health and live the healthy life you deserve and Build Your Personal Exercise Routine

Why Should I Know My Blood Group?

Knowing your blood group is very important when in emergencies. In situations of accidents, surgery, or delivery you may need blood, you will require a donor with your blood group
Blood group

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