Entrepreneurs move the world, they inspire and lead their employees to create solutions to the world’s problems. This paints a good picture of entrepreneurs and what they do. This Is not always the case. Entrepreneurs face false beliefs and myths from friends, family and the world they serve. These myths for some reasons have penetrated so many minds that we usually think that they are true. I’ve debunked a few of such entrepreneur myths. If you want to become an entrepreneur or want to become one, don’t be scared by them because they will be debunked in this article.

1. Entrepreneurs are High risk takers
This is true but does not cover the whole story. An entrepreneur loves to influence the process to get the outcome they want. Though that means assuming certain risks, it’s all up to you to find the right ways and means to make things work for the good of the business. Investors are people who are considered to take huge risks yet one of the greatest investors in history, Warren Buffet says his risk is very small. This is because he usually knows what he’s going into and what to expect.

2. Entrepreneurs are born
Being a successful entrepreneur involves learning, developing and harnessing several skills and habits well. This isn’t being systematic. But generally being an entrepreneur isn’t limited to some select few but to anyone since almost anyone can learn the skills required to be successful in business. If so why do business schools exist and why don’t they use your blood or whatever it is to take students to the business school?

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3. Entrepreneurs are money driven and aim at only profits
The heart of entrepreneurship is deep desire for solving a specific problem. Business is a long shot at making money and most businesses fail within their first few years of existence. This illustrates the fact that money driven people will die out in their first years or engage in other get rich quick schemes than spend numerous hours of their weeks working on an idea that is almost statistically impossible.

4. Entrepreneurs don’t have a social life
Most people think in this line. It’s often Attributed to the high work demands of running a business and how busy entrepreneurs are that they shouldn’t have time for things like socializing. But entrepreneurs need to make contacts because it’s been proven you’re your Net worth directly correlates with your network. Entrepreneurs work for themselves so they typically have the freedom to set their own routine and determine how to spend their time while they spend part of that time to socialize and make new contacts who may become partners, clients or investors.

5. Entrepreneurs are school drop outs
I don’t really know what will make one make such a conclusion but there you have. It’s often thought that entrepreneurs are mostly school dropouts. This is especially true for our country, Ghana. Shop-owners and business people though may be school drop outs, it’s not something that only school dropouts do. From big tech giants, to small shops, almost anyone could own a business. This thought has made people to despise school and hate education. But ironically, education and perhaps studied at a school are what will really help you develop your business to world scale.
Entrepreneurs are open minded people and if you are facing any of these myths, I hope that you overcome and make a good choice to improve on your thoughts above these myths. Kindly share the myths you face personally if you are an entrepreneur or if you happen to know some myths not mentioned here.

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My name is Enoch Weguri Kabange, I am the CEO & Founder of WordInspired Media. I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by motivating them to their greatness that resides within them.

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