5 Key Steps To Help Boost Your Self-Confidence

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Confidence is to believe in oneself that you can do something better. That is to believe in your abilities. Over the years,  a lot of people have been tied up with this issue of self – confidence. The deficiency in their self – confidence seems to have a negative impact on their lives, hence stagnating their lives and being a barrier to success.

Lack of self – confidence has been manifested in people due to three main categorical reasons. The reasons have to do with temperament, past experiences or negative utterances from friends or family. This issue has drawn the attention of many psychologists and scientists to find appropriate ways to curb this deficiency. As a matter of fact, in this piece, I will relay to you 5 key and practical steps you can apply to help boost your confidence level.

Below is a detailed elaboration of the 5 key steps to enhance your level of confidence.

5 Key Steps To Help Boost Your Confidence

1. Be Optimistic And Do Not Entertain Discouragements 

This is a major reason why most people lack confidence. Negative utterances from family and friends seem to hurt us deep down and even make us have the mentality that we are not good enough and we are useless. 

Negative utterances have a psychological impact on us. Note that in life, you will have family and friends who will discourage you and say all manner of words just to prevent you from reaching your success point. 

This may not necessarily come from a place of hate, jealousy or other negative feelings. Our family and friends love us. Part of loving us means trying to prevent us from seeing the horrors of life such as failure. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is just to reduce contact or cut ties with friends who seem to be a standing block in your life. It might seem difficult to do that but that is the best way to go with. 

With regards to discouragement from parents and family members, it is advisable to build a support system outside of the home where you can focus on your goals. It has been proven by scientists that being positive is good for our mental health. You need to always stay positive even during tough times. Don’t be discouraged when you encounter tough moments or negative comments from others.  These are all part of the journey to success. It is only optimism that will keep you on track and encourage you to push harder.

2. Have A Good Physical Appearance 

Having a good physical appearance also boost one’s confidence. To enhance your confidence, you need to work on the physical aspect of your life. You need to dress well, have a nice haircut, wear a nice pair of shoes. 

Dressing well doesn’t mean you have to spend too much money on dresses and shoes while there are more important things to deal with. You could use the dresses and shoes you have to make a nice combination. Also, once in a while you have to sort out the worn-out dresses and spoilt shoes from the nice dresses and shoes. Then, you can go shopping to purchase some new clothes and shoes. 

This will make you appear more confident and allow people to treat you good. So no matter the situation you find yourself in, you need to always look good to boost your confidence. 

Physical exercise is also a catalyst for boosting confidence. You ought to exercise daily to keep your body in shape. It has been proven that physical exercises make one proactive and even boost one’s level of confidence. 

So you can hit the gym on weekends or any other day you are free to exercise. Then again, have a smiling face and look straight into the eyes of people when having a conversation with them to portray that you are not shy. All these go a long way to boost your confidence.

3. Never Give Up When You Face Challenges

Failure is one step into success. Failure doesn’t mean that you can’t reach your targeted point. So you have to embrace your failures and work on them in order not to make the same mistakes again. Never accept failure and don’t have that mentality of low self –esteem that you can’t achieve your goals. 

Everyone is bound to encounter failures along the line and they might even lose at some point. Don’t give up when you face challenges in life but be courageous and take the bold step to correct your mistakes before progressing. The purpose of Failure is to make you strong and prepared for the task ahead. Improve yourself, build yourself, read books, etc. in order to strengthen yourself to face failures and make the most out of your failures.

It was through failures that many entrepreneurs and great men were able to succeed in their field of endeavour. We could talk of the likes of Kwame Despite, Aliko Dangote, Nelson Mandela and Jerry John Rawlings who went through hell and tough times on their journey to success but they didn’t give up. 

From henceforth, just believe in yourself that you are unique and have an attribute that no one has. This will help you to become confident in any task you undertake and also see failure as part of human nature. Never give up in life, keep on pushing harder, be consistent and persistent amidst your struggles.

4. Practice Constantly To Get Yourself Prepared For The TaskAhead

To be confident, you need to rehearse and practice what you have been tasked to do. You have to test and try it to see if there are errors so you make the necessary adjustments before the actual day. 

Rehearsing over and over makes you more confident in the midst of people. For example, to master confidence in public speaking, you need to rehearse in front of your friends or in a small group first. This will give way for your friends to give criticisms and also allow them to pinpoint your faults so you can work on them before the actual day. This strategy is a slow poison to kill shyness. The more you practice, the more you become perfect and confident. 

Make it a habit not to be too self-assured even when you are good in a particular area otherwise you will end up disgracing yourself and fail from time to time. This accounts for the reason why brilliant and outspoken students sometimes don’t perform well in exams due to their complacency and overconfidence. 

You need to humble yourself and learn by practising more to look more confident. You have to be extra prepared for anything that comes up so that you are not found wanting when there is a change in plans.

5. Create An Excellent List Of Your Accomplishments and Failures.

It is normal to encounter challenges. Life is full of ups and downs so you need a source of motivation to inspire you. Writing down great things you have done so far will help motivate you to keep pushing harder amidst these challenges. All you need to do is to sit down and write the great things and accomplishments you have made in life.


You can also have memories of the great times you have had in the form of pictures stored on your electronic gadget. Print out your accomplishments and success story and paste them in your room, desk or any visible place. And you can also save it on your computer and turn to these accomplishments and great things in the midst of challenges. This will motivate you that there is a better and brighter tomorrow and that all hope is not lost. 

This will curb lack of self – confidence, restore back and boost your level of confidence. All these in a long run makes you feel proud of yourself and it makes you have the confidence that you are not useless and that you carry some unique abilities in you.

Writing down your mistakes and failures will remind you that you aren’t infallible but through consistent growth and learning, you could become whatever you set your mind to. Keeping a failure list will also help you to put in place measures to prevent them from being repeated.


You need to come to terms that life is full of challenges, disappointments, failure, discouragements. Therefore, you need to motivate yourself in order to continue striving hard for success. You also need to have a deep understanding of what self-confidence means. Engage yourself within the circle of optimistic and vision – minded people who will push you to go beyond your limit.

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