What at all can be considered as an idea?
Ideas are things of the mind. This does not end the story of what an idea is. Ideas also show knowledge, opinion, realization, thought and mental image. Notice how all the above are all related to the mind. The mind has many capabilities and part of that is to form ideas. Most often, ideas come to us in a flash, in some form of revelation like manner that we may even forget about the idea minutes after receiving the idea. It is therefore very important to be able to capture small ideas to create a big one. This depends on how good we can develop our ideas.
Success is achieved through the successful implementation of ideas. No single successful person has ever made it big in their life’s endeavors without first developing an idea in their mind. Ideas are things of the mind and powerful at that. They set the tone for success. They dictate how success can be achieved.
Imagination is also of the mind and influences the generation of ideas more than anything existing. Your ability to imagine wild thoughts directly affects your ability to dream, to generate ideas. This transcends directly that your imagination ability determines how successful you become in life.

light bulb signifying ideas and dreams

Thinking in terms of different points of views like thinking in pictures, using metaphors to describe your ideas.

It’s funny how ideas come to us. Through similar funny ways, we can develop our already existing ideas. Most often, when we think of things, we perceive them more clearly when we do it in terms of pictures. This is why the child usually has interesting perceptions of things because they visualize instead of simply trying to think they’re way through ideas. They put themselves in situation and feel what it would feel to be in such a situation in reality. One way to make our visualizations more concrete is in note taking. Ideas come in pieces and bits and often these pieces and bits come to us in flashes. Its therefore wise to take note of such flashes of ideas. Most of the historic great inventors employed this technique in their work. Imagine you are working on an idea and its developing ideas come in bits and pieces. Wouldn’t it be good if you kept all notes concerning that one big idea in one book where you can easily connect the concepts and reflect on them anytime you need them? Instead of scrambling through your mind anytime you need to pick up from a previous idea. Another way to look at things is to think in terms of opposites. Think in terms of the problem instead of only thinking of the solution. Also, trying to link your idea to what has already been done in other fields will be of much good than bad to you.

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Develop multiple passions, fields or areas
When Developing an idea you have can be a daunting task. But if you have knowledge in several fields which are helpful to your idea, it won’t be that difficult. The secret lies in being able to connect ideas and concepts from these fields. It’s easy to find similar passions to what you already have. This helps to develop your idea in a manner which is in one-way complex and rewarding to you and the society at large. Just consider the invention of the flying plane, what do you think it took in order for the wright brother to be able to develop this idea to fruition? They probably had knowledge of software, engineering, flying (which means knowledge of how birds fly) and many other things. Also in digital marketing, knowledge in web design, social media, advertising etc. are all needed.

Question board

Ask questions/Research. Be observant and take note of details.

One secret to unlocking truths and creating better ideas is asking questions. This means we have to genuinely curios about the problem we are solving. We have to critique our idea. We have to conduct research in what we do. We have to consult industry leaders in what we do.

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writing pad with pen laying on a table
Write your ideas down and don’t forget to add or subtract from it and review your idea regularly

Note taking is a proven way to keep track of your ideas. Note taking also helps you to connect concepts which reveal themselves to you over a long time. It’s more important to review your notes regularly, to meditate on your notes and to try to connect all of the detailed concepts to the one overarching idea. Therefore, it will be of much benefit to you to keep a little note book and a pen, always ready to write down any idea which pops up on your mind.

Take action. There’s no better way to work on your ideas than actually implementing them.

Most of us spend too much time trying to polish our idea by planning and research that we never get to implement the same ideas. We procrastinate the implementation of the idea with the cover that we are planning. The best to know if your idea is good is to implement and persist with it for as long as possible. It’s one thing to have an idea or dream and it’s another to implement that idea.

Ideas are opportunities for us to change something in the world no matter how small and insignificant they may seem from the start. Remember ideas are things of the mind and the more we ponder on an idea, the better chance we stand at making it better and more impactful than before. While we aim at developing at our ideas, we must be careful that we don’t get carried away by new ideas. This often gets us away only to get carried away by another idea. It’s better to take note of new unrelated ideas and keep them in our note books while we work on improving the old ideas until we are ready to implement them.

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