Have you ever given a second thought about why folks say “Experience is the best teacher”? The process of synthesizing experience is a creative skill of highly successful people as they let go of certainty to build courage. 

It has been discovered over the past centuries that nothing succeeds like past implemented creative ideas. Memories of such creative ideas serve as built-in information for one to draw upon.

But the question now is how can one gain such insight if he or she hasn’t experienced any of these. Young people cannot secure jobs because they have no experience and cannot acquire experience because they have no job. This is the dilemma that is being solved by highly creative people. They have inculcated these into their daily habits and it makes them stand out and spills out any form of mediocrity. According to Sir Albert Einstein, creativity is contagious. We can pass it on from generation to generation when we study the habits of creatives.

5 Habits Of Highly Creative People

1. Imaginative Power

Imagination is the key to being creative. And everyone can imagine things. It is a great asset and a higher mental faculty that allows everyone to create. Creativity is not reserved for some elite people as we have been made to think.

Everyone can fantasize and make something worthwhile out of his imagination. Probably some may doubt, but that’s the truth and highly creative people utilize this tool to the advantage since creativity relies on imagination. 

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Though imagination may seem to be focused on things that are impossible, creativity focuses on the opposite. Creativity uses imagination to unleash the potential of existing ideas and recreating new ones for continuous growth and sustained development across all sectors. 

Anyone who desires to sharpen his or her creativity should apply this habit and inculcate it as a daily ritual for effective results.

2. Passion

Passion is the juice for living. One of the most sought habits of the so-called highly creative people is the urge to follow their passion and this is usually after discovering their self-image. Let us follow our passion, but it has to be in harmony with our authentic self. Passion aligned with your desired self-identity helps to ring the best form of creativity that resides in you. 

Highly creative people understand this very well and that’s the caution they recommend for those we are admiring the new dawn. So whilst pursuing your passion, don’t follow blindly. Be sure it truly resonates with your personal goals and the skill at hand. This speeds up the process of accomplishment.

3. Ability Utilise Diversity and Open-Mindedness

An open-minded spirit is a very crucial and obvious habit of highly creative people. The ability to see differences in explorations spices up and predicts creative achievement. 

Highly creative people resort to this habit most often when they are searching for the truth. It also counts when they are self-driven to engage in ideas, aesthetic value and fantasy. This allows them to understand human emotions and is such a great characteristic. Research has proved that one’s urge to learn, explore and discover significantly improves the quality of creativity, not intellect alone. 

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If you are willing to boost your creativity, try out this new habit or creative handset. Openness is a new experience that equips one to find new patterns and recognize connections among seemingly unrelated pieces of information. 

In a cosmopolitan world, meeting different kinds of people with different values and interests is highly possible. Your ability to understand each perspective without being offended increases one’s integrative complexity. 

4. Drawing New Connections From Old Ideas

All creative accomplishments were built on something that has already been created and this is what distinguishes highly creative people from others. That is their ability to see possibilities where others don’t. 

One must realize that creativity requires making new connections with old ideas. Sensitivity to one’s environment also intensifies your input for instance the sound, light and scent we experience. 

Instead of trying hard on yourself, harness your inner sensitivity to draw out non-existing ideas from old combinations. It reveals and exposes your rightful artistic or creative expression as an individual. 

Steve Jobs once said “when you ask creative people how they did something, they feel guilty, because they really didn’t do it, they saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. This was because they were able to connect experiences they have had and synthesize new things”. Now, this is why Austin Kleon will recommend “Steal Like An Artist”.

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5. Consistency in the Process

The path of creativity is fueled by forcing yourself to create and practice. The craft needs mastery and this is why one secret of highly creative people. It makes them stand out and decent at it. Inspiration won’t move towards you while you are waiting. 

Get moving, set a schedule you can rely on to think and produce creative ideas. Believe that things will grow out of the activity itself and you will soon bump into opportunities that you never dreamt of. 

Creativity isn’t just the birth of ideas, it’s the flow of process through consistency. If you hang up with your schedule, you will get somewhere. No matter how difficult your plan will be, just stick to it. Gradually, you will connect dots to form a large circle of innovations.


Never forget, creativity is a process. Whatever you are striving to bring out either from the prima stage, act according to your schedule. See the ability of creativity as muscles, the more we use them, the stronger they become. 

The act of birthing something, no matter how ugly it is, is a practice towards a worthwhile course. Sometimes, you need to give your idea, insight or discovery the opportunity to live outside your imagination. Understand that you are never more than one great idea from a breakthrough. 

It may be possible you have already experienced that. But you won’t have the clear picture until you become that artist you desire.

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