We have all done things in our life no matter how small or big. One thing stands out, we had our reasons. To be an entrepreneur may seem so daunting a venture with so many myths that we lose reason to even try to venture into entrepreneurship. For once, open your mind and go through the following reasons. Who knows, you may be the next big entrepreneur.

1. Be your own boss, choose your dream job, control your own destiny and make the change you want to see.
Entrepreneurship provides the freest playing field you can find. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to do what they want. Most people who become entrepreneurs do so simply because they feel limited and sophisticated working for someone else. When you are the CEO, you basically do what you see fit for your company. You are no longer under strict rules, guidelines, laws and bosses all the time. You have absolute control here.

2. Enjoy Massive freedom as an entrepreneur
From the freedom of ideas to freedom of how to implement your projects and in a nutshell do anything, entrepreneurship provides with the opportunity to do all you have always wanted to do. This all happens at your own pace and time. You have absolute freedom in your time management. This means you get to spend more time doing things you actually love like having family time, enjoying your hobbies, going on vacations and many other fun stuff a typical job mostly prevents you from doing. Most importantly, you get to become financially independent as a successful entrepreneur and decide your future just as you want it.

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3. Build a legacy for yourself
To some people, legacy is everything. Entrepreneurship will help you to build a very strong and impactful legacy which your children and family may live to continue. You also get to secure a very bright future for the people whom you love most and consider dear to you. It’s not rocket science; money provides you with the ability to make the life you want.
The problems of this life are what entrepreneurs need. They turn these problems into viable and sustainable businesses which employ several others to help build this legacy. The key is to be passionate about what you do. If you love the solution you are creating, then you have no cause to worry. Just become and entrepreneur and help others.

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4. Get to Work on your crazy ideas
We have all got ideas. We are all passionate about something which we want to do something about. But we end up making excuses. Working for someone also limits you in what you can and cannot do. Being a boss of your own as an entrepreneur will allow to work on any idea of your choice, whether someone believes in it or not. You are the only one who needs to believe in it first before others do. So take that leap of faith and start working on your idea as an entrepreneur. After all, you will learn with time whether it works or not. Most often ideas work, it’s the systems which fail.

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5. Live a life of contribution and impact
The successful life is one of contribution and not accumulation. This is why people find It satisfactory to give out what they have worked for. Abraham Maslow expressed this as self-actualization need of humans. We need to contribute to the life, joys and success of others to feel truly fulfilled in this life. Build a miraculous legacy for yourself.

6. Bonus reason – help eradicate unemployment. Be the change you speak.
As an entrepreneur, you will at some point in your business career need several other to help in doing the various tacks required to make your company stand out and be successful. Then you employ others. We all depend on the government and NGOs to employ us. But have we ever thought we could actually employ yourself and others as an entrepreneur?

There are two kinds of people, those who love freedom and those who love security. Now, there’s a big difference between the two. Security lovers will do anything to stay in their comfort zones. Mostly, they thrive on the thought that outside their comfort zone is worse off. And those who love freedom are long term thinkers. Such people sacrifice short term comfort and security for long-term freedom. To be an entrepreneur, you need to value the latter and think long term.

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My name is Enoch Weguri Kabange, I am the CEO & Founder of WordInspired Media. I am a dream chaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by motivating them to their greatness that resides within them.

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