Robin Sharma is one of the world’s top leadership experts in the world. His art and work has influenced rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. With over 15million books sold, clients such as Starbucks, Nike, GE, The Coca-Cola Company, NASA and Microsoft are using his leadership methods to drive real growth + top performance.

In His book, the 5AM Club – own your morning elevate your life, he combines pure creative genius and hardcore truths on how a consistent 5Am morning routine can literally change your life and elevate your mastery of your work.

Now here are the top Quotes to be picked from this Genius Robin Sharma


  1. Life’s too short to play small with your talents. You were born into the opportunity as well as the responsibility to become legendary. You’ve been built to achieve masterwork-level projects, designed to realize unusually important pursuits and constructed to be a force for good on this tiny planet – Robin Sharma
  2. The great women and men of the world were all givers, not takers. Renounce the common delusion that those who accumulate the most win. Instead, do work that is heroic – that staggers your marketplace by the quality of its originality as well as from the helpfulness it provides. – Robin Sharma
  3. Limitation is nothing more than a mentality that too many good people practice daily until they believe it’s reality. – Robin Sharma
  4. No matter where you are on the pathway of your life, please don’t let the pain of an imperfect past hinder the glory of your fabulous future Ideas are worth nothing unless backed by application. The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions. – Robin Sharma
  5. Hard is good. Real greatness and the realization of your inherent genius is meant to be a difficult sport. Only those devoted enough to go to the fiery edges of their highest limits will expand them. – Robin Sharma
  6. Becoming legendary is never easy. But I’d prefer that journey to the heartbreak of being stuck in ordinary that so many potentially heroic people deal with constantly. – Robin Sharma
  7. Walking into the very things that scare you is how you reclaim your forgotten power. And how you get back the innocence and awe you lost after childhood. – Robin Sharma
  8. To find your best self you must lose your weak self. And that only happens through relentless improvement, continuous reflection and ongoing self-excavation. If you don’t keep rising daily you’ll get stuck in your life, for the rest of your life. – Robin Sharma
  9. Most people can’t stand themselves. So, they can never be alone. And silent. They need to constantly be with other people to escape their feelings of self-hatred over all their wasted potential, missing the wonders and wisdom that solitude and quiet bring. Or they watch TV endlessly, not realizing it’s eroding their imagination as well as bankrupting their bank account. – Robin Sharma
  10. I’d rather live a thoughtful life. A risky life. A real life. An artist’s life. Drives me crazy how superficial people have become. – Robin Sharma
  11. All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. – Robin Sharma
  12. Be a virtuoso. A standout. An exceptionalist. The Top 5% are a lot less concerned with fame, cash and approval and a lot more invested in punching above their weight class within their craft, playing above their pay grade around their talents and creating the kind of productivity that inspires – and serves – millions. That’s often why they make millions. So never mail it in. Always bring it on! – Robin Sharma
  13. A society of adults behaving like spoiled little children is how I sometimes see our world right now. Not judging, just saying. Not complaining, just reporting. – Robin Sharma
  14. An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production. Empire-makers and history-creators take one hour for themselves before dawn, in the serenity that lies beyond the clutches of complexity, to prepare themselves for a world-class day. – Robin Sharma
  15. To have the results The Top 5% of producers have, you must start doing what 95% of people are unwilling to do – Robin Sharma
  16. When you feel like surrendering, continue. Triumph loves the relentless. – Robin Sharma
  17. So many good souls among us are just so scared they refuse the call on their lives to go out into the blue ocean of possibility where mastery, the dignity of bravery and the authenticity of audacity await them. – Robin Sharma
  18. I know transformation isn’t an easy play. Yet, the life of the caterpillar must end for the glory of the butterfly to shine. The old ‘you’ must die before the best ‘you’ can be born. – Robin Sharma
  19. The flow of life rewards positive action and punishes hesitation. – Robin Sharma
  20. Our culture tells us to pursue titles and trinkets, applause and acclaim, money and mansions. All that’s fine – it truly is – so long as you don’t get brainwashed into defining your worth as a human being by these things. Enjoy them, just don’t get attached to them. Have them, just don’t base your identity around them. Appreciate them, just don’t need them – Robin Sharma
  21. Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see. – Robin Sharma
  22. Anyone can be a critic. Takes guts to be an encourager – Robin Sharma
  23. It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom. – Robin Sharma
  24. Having lots of money doesn’t make you different. It just makes you more of who you were before you made the cash – Robin Sharma
  25. I’ve always viewed bragging as a major defect of character. The more powerful a person truly is, the less they need to promote it. And the stronger a leader is, the less they need to announce it. – Robin Sharma
  26. The great women and men of the world – the ones responsible for the magical symphonies, the beautiful movements, the advancements of science and the progress of technology – started by reengineering their thinking and reinventing their awareness. In so doing, they entered a secret universe that the majority could not perceive. And this, in turn, allowed them to make the daily choices few choose to make. Which, automatically, delivered the daily results few get to experience. – Robin Sharma
  27. The grade of work you offer to the world reflects the strength of the respect you have for yourself. Those with unfathomable personal esteem wouldn’t dare send out anything average. It would diminish them too much. – Robin Sharma
  28. There’s a ton of competition at ordinary, but there’s almost none at extraordinary. There’s never been such a glamorous opportunity to become peerless because so few people are dedicated to world-class in this age of such scattered focus, eroded values and deteriorated faith in ourselves along with the inherent primal power we hold. – Robin Sharma
  29. Please remember that great companies and wonderful lives don’t happen by sudden revolution. Nope. They materialize via incremental evolution. Tiny, daily wins and iterations stack into outcomes of excellence, over the long-term. But few of us have the patience these days to endure the long game. – Robin Sharma
  30. Be grateful for every moment. Don’t be timid when it comes to your ambitions. Stop wasting time on insanely trivial things. And make it a priority to reclaim the creativity, fire and potential that is dormant within you – Robin Sharma
  31. Dedication and discipline beats brilliance and giftedness every day of the week. And A-Players don’t get lucky. They make lucky. Each time you resist a temptation and pursue an optimization you invigorate your heroism. Every instant you do that which you know to be right over the thing that you feel would be easy, you facilitate your entry into the hall of fame of epic achievers. – Robin Sharma
  32. A lot of us have been minimized and pushed down so much by the dark and toxic influences around us we’ve forgotten all we truly are. We’ve become masters of compromise, slowly and steadily allowing in more aspects of mediocrity until a point arrives where it’s our standard operating system. – Robin Sharma
  33. A problem will persist until you get the education it showed up to bring – Robin Sharma
  34. Human beings have a tragic habit of remembering the things that would be smart to forget and forgetting the wonderful things it would be wise to remember. – Robin Sharma
  35. High-impact performers and genuine world-builders aren’t very available to whoever seeks their attention and demands their time. They’re hard to reach, waste few moments and are far more focused on doing real work versus artificial work – so they deliver the breathtaking results that advance our world. – Robin Sharma
  36. In some ways, the new technologies and social media are not only eroding the Everests of our glorious productive potential, they are also training us to be less human. We have fewer real conversations, fewer true connections and fewer meaningful interactions – Robin Sharma
  37. Simplify. Streamline everything. Become a purist. Less really is more. Concentrate on just a few work projects so you make them amazing versus diluting your attention on too many. And socially, have fewer friends but go deep with them so the relationship is rich. Accept fewer invitations, major in fewer leisure activities and study, then master, a smaller number of books versus skimming many. An intense concentration only on what matters most is how the pros realize victory. – Robin Sharma
  38. Stop managing your time and start managing your focus. – Robin Sharma
  39. External always expresses internal. And to experience empires in your outer life you need to develop your inner ones first – Robin Sharma
  40. Always stay sincere to what’s most important in a life greatly lived. Be not seduced by the superficialities that suffocate the human spirit and divorce us from the best within us. – Robin Sharma
  41. As you live each day, so you craft your life. We all are so focused on pursuing our futures that we generally ignore the exceedingly important value of a single day. And yet what we are doing today is creating our future – Robin Sharma
  42. What makes the best the best is not their genetics but their habits. And not the extent of their gifts, but the strength of their grit. – Robin Sharma
  43. To regularly do that which is hard but important when it feels most uncomfortable is how warriors are born – Robin Sharma
  44. Seeing the Taj Mahal isn’t just an excursion of the intellect. It’s also a resurrection of the spirit. It wakes even the numbest person up to what we, as human creatures, are capable of producing – Robin Sharma
  45. Mastery isn’t a sudden event. It really is a ceaseless process that may take years of painstaking craftsmanship, practice, sacrifice and suffering before the finished project intensifies to a level that moves the world. – Robin Sharma
  46. You don’t have the brain you want, you have the brain you’ve earned. Or to put it another way, you don’t have the brain you desire, you have the brain you deserve – based on how you’ve been operating it. Spend your days diverted by your devices, tethered to television and majoring in mindless pursuits and your brain will be weak and flabby through your mistreatment of it. Just like other muscles, it will atrophy. And this will result in weaker cognition, slower learning and lower processing power. Your competition will destroy you and your targets will elude you. On the other hand, when you use your brain intelligently by expanding its limits and running it like a titan, it will expand and increase its connectivity causing important gains in your productivity, performance and influence. – Robin Sharma
  47. Legendary performers practice being spectacular for so long that they no longer remember how to behave in non-spectacular ways. – Robin Sharma
  48. A wishbone without a backbone doesn’t really get you very far.
  49. Training rigorously first thing in the morning is a total game-changer. Moving vigorously shortly after you get up will generate an alchemy in your brain – based on its neurobiology – which will not only wake you up fully but electrify your focus and energy, amplify your self-discipline and launch your day in a way that makes you feel on fire – Robin Sharma
  50. In so many ways, reflection is a main source of transformation because once you know better, you definitely can do better. – Robin Sharma
  51. It takes long years of extreme attention and ardent isolation to strip away the complexities of any work to reach the simplicity that sits at the touchstone of genuine genius. – Robin Sharma
  52. I’m not carrying much past pain in my wonderful present and into my fantastic future. […] Living in the past steals so much energy from most people, you know? This is a massive explanation for why most people are so unproductive. – Robin Sharma
  53. Always remember that the greatest of leaders were all servant leaders. The less you make it all about you, and the more your obsession focuses on the upliftment of others, the more you’ll increase your identity as a genuine empire-builder. And grow into a history-maker. – Robin Sharma
  54. An addiction to distraction is the death of your creative production. Your attraction to digital interruption is costing you your fortune – financially, cognitively, energetically, physically and spiritually. – Robin Sharma
  55. In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. – Robin Sharma
  56. Time away from work isn’t a waste. It’s a must. Offers a space for incubation of the very ideas that will make you a fortune. So work less to get more done. – Robin Sharma
  57. I’ve learned that being successful without feeling soulful is the highest of defeats. – Robin Sharma
  58. Ultimately, you’re the only person you’ll be with your entire life. Why not strengthen your relationship with your greatest self, fully know your genius and start a lifetime love affair with your most noble nature? – Robin Sharma
  59. The determinants of a magnificent life have remained the same for centuries: a sense that you’re growing and capitalizing on your human potential; effortful work that draws out your finest productivity and is profitable for humanity; weighty connections with positive people who escalate your jubilation; and time doing that which nurtures your spirit as you advance through your days with a grateful heart. – Robin Sharma
  60. Become a collector of awesome experiences instead of a consumer of material things – Robin Sharma
  61. Your past is a servant that has made you all you now are – not a companion to spend much time with in your present or a friend to carry into your spotless future. – Robin Sharma
  62. Relate peacefully, as much as possible, with everyone. Even one enemy is an enemy too many. Pass through life gracefully, taking the high road when conflict shows up. Should someone do you wrong, let karma do the dirty work. And let a world-class life be your revenge – Robin Sharma
  63. Keep the shortness of life at the forefront of your focus. Don’t put off your happiness until you have more time, or you get the promotion, or you have more money in the bank. These are excuses, born of feelings that you are undeserving. – Robin Sharma
  64. Life absolutely is a sublime journey. Yes, we all experience trials – and heartbreak. But it’s all mostly good. Every hero story needs to have a villain as well as some juicy tragedy along with the triumphs and ultimate victory for it to be a tale worth watching – Robin Sharma
  65. In every life, especially the hardest ones, doorways of possibility and gateways into the miraculous swing open, revealing the reality that everything that each one of us experiences is part of some intelligent – and yes, often illogical – plan meant to draw us nearer to our greatest powers, most wonderful circumstances and highest good. – Robin Sharma
  66. Leadership is for everyone. Each of us, no matter where we live, what we do, what’s happened to us in the past and what we’re experiencing right now, must release the shackles of blame, chains of hate, leg irons of apathy and prison bars of ordinary that keep us in slavery to the dark forces of our lowest nature. Every one of us must rise each morning – yes, at 5 AM – and do everything we can possibly do to unfold our genius, develop our talents, deepen our character and escalate our spirits. Each of us must do this, across our world. – Robin Sharma
  67. To lead is to inspire others by the way that you live. To lead is to walk through the fires of your hardest times to step up into forgiveness. To lead is to remove any form of mediocrity from infiltrating the quarters of your life in a dazzling celebration of the majesty that is your birthright. To lead is to turn your terrors into triumphs and translate each of your heartbreaks into heroism. And more than all else, to lead is to be a force for good on this tiny planet of ours – Robin Sharma
  68. Join the 5 AM club. Your most valuable hours are 5 AM to 8 AM. They have the least interruptions – Robin Sharma
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