Isn’t it good to be spiritually uplifted from time to time? These quotes from the famous Bishop Dag Heward-Mills are sure to give you that. The Bishop’s vision to encourage as many people as possible to work for God is reflected today in the many camps he holds across the world; it is also explained in the book titled Many Are Called. His also manifests this vision through his books, speaking engagements, humanitarian efforts and his life.

44 Spiritually Uplifting Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Quotes

  1. “Using a combination of history, common sense, the Word of God and the Spirit of God, every leader can generally predict the way things will go.”  ― Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership
  2. “There is nothing wrong with assistants who are constantly learning from outside ministers. But there is something very wrong when these associates never seem to learn from their own pastors.” ― Dag Heward-Mills, Loyalty and Disloyalty
  3. “A subversive associate constantly listens to tapes from external ministers and learns from them. But he never listens to his own head pastor’s tapes.” ― Dag Heward-Mills, Loyalty and Disloyalty
  4. “Make sure that you are doing a job suited to your particular temperament.  If you are a choleric person, find a leadership job that is suitable for choleric people.  If you are phlegmatic, ask to be excused from jobs that require a driving, leadership personality!” ― Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Ministry
  5. God has a master plan to multiply His people and increase them like a flock. God’s plan is that His people shall not be few and His people shall not be small! This is God’s plan for you. Have you wondered if church growth was possible? ― Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Ministry
  6. The Holy Spirit has a sanctifying influence. The influence of the Holy Spirit tends towards sanctification, purity and holiness. Expect to live a life of greater purity, sanctification and holiness when under the sweet influence of the Holy Spirit. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  7. God commands men everywhere to repent: God is asking you to repent and turn away from the wickedness of the thoughts of your heart. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  8. Be yourself. When a young man proposes marriage to a young lady he is trying to get her to follow him. The proposal must come from the bottom of your heart. I did not read a speech to my wife when I proposed to her. The most successful leaders are those who are real. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  9. You must first control yourself before you try to control others. A leader must to learn to control and direct his natural desire for carnal things. If this carnal instinct is left unchecked, a person will discover that he can lead no one. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  10. Many people cannot take decisions. Only real leaders face up to realities and take important decisions. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  11. Decide to be a man of conviction. Conviction of what you may ask? Have a conviction about the things God has called you. Have a conviction about the things you are supposed to accomplish in your lifetime. Have a conviction about the things that God has told you. Live by these convictions! Be prepared to give up anything so that you can fulfil your conviction. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  12. I was a pastor when I was a medical student. I made sure that I did well in all my exams. I made sure that I had no problems with school. Leadership begins by bringing your domestic affairs under control. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  13. Whenever people focus on what others have, they become discontented. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  14. Discontentment is an evil spirit that needs to be dealt with. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  15. Pleasing men cannot make you a servant of Christ. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  16. You must strive for excellence because God desires excellent works. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  17. God lets us go through certain troubles so we can learn certain things. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  18. While you wait, notice God’s blessings all around you. Daughter, you can make it. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  19. We are to be led by the Spirit of God and not by circumstances. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  20. The greatest privilege gives to a human being is to work for God. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  21. You get to know more about a person as you continue the relationship. Similarly, there are many aspects of Christianity that we have to experience. I want you to encounter yet another important dimension of the Lord – to experience God as your provider. God can supply all your needs. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  22. The ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ is not safe in the hands of erratic leaders. If you have an erratic nature, decide today to be a steadfast believer. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  23. Those who refuse to change and to modify are refusing to be recipients of the anointing. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  24. God often uses a man or several different men to impact your life with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  25. Dear Christian, there must be a willing commitment to obey the call of God on your life. Some people know that they are called! They even have a desire to do the work, yet you do not see any commitment in them. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  26. The voice of God is important for every area of your life. If there is anything that is important to you, I would suggest that you open that area to the direction of God’s Spirit. You may think that God is not interested, but He has something to say about every area of your life. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  27. You have to orient yourself towards the presence of God. You have to orient your whole life towards following God and going deeper. Instead of becoming shallower, worldlier, more earthly and more carnal, you must become deeper, more spiritual and more heavenly-minded. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  28. Which direction are you facing?  Are you facing the world and heading deeper into business, moneymaking and secular acclaim? Why are you so happy to be described as someone who appeals to the world as well as to the church? It is time for you to go deeper into God’s presence! ― Dag Heward-Mills
  29. Just as there is a gate to your house, there is a gate to God’s house. There is a gate to the presence of God! Jesus Christ is the key to the presence of God. No one can come to the Father unless he comes through Jesus. If you magnify Him, you will experience the presence of God. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  30. God may choose to provide for you through your association with a blessed person. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  31. You will accomplish great things when you recognize the people that God has sent into your life. When I look around, I see wonderful people whom God has touched and sent into my life. Through these people, I have soared higher and achieved more for the Lord. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  32. What are you preparing for? Preparation shows your belief. Some people try to amass wealth on this earth, preparing for the seventy years that they are not even assured of. Why not prepare for the thousands of years that are coming in eternity? (Amos 4:12) ― Dag Heward-Mills
  33. You must search your heart and believe that you are operating in the will of God. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  34. Once you are certain that you are in the will of God, you must battle to survive and endure your sufferings. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  35. Did so-and-so die because of his mistakes or did he die because he was in the will of God?
  36. Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer all these questions now. If we try to answer all these questions now we will make mistakes. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  37. There are different reasons for suffering. Many people suffer because of their own mistakes. This is what causes all the confusion when it comes to why people suffer. Am I suffering because of my mistakes or I am suffering because I am in the will of God? ― Dag Heward-Mills
  38. This new invisible, magnetic aura around Jesus was derived from prayer. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  39. The word “power” is translated from the Greek word dunamis. Dunamis means “miraculous power, ability, abundance, strength, violence, mighty wonderful work and enabling power.” Jesus had become a man of authority! He had new strength, abundance and power. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  40. Our duty as Christians is to show compassion, love and care to all kinds of sorrows, pains, crying, death and curses that ravage the human race. God has called us to be helpers of those who are in prison, those who are sick, those who are naked, those who are hungry. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  41. Someone’s environment is all the circumstances, people, things and events around him that influences his life. The environment is the area in which something exists or lives. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  42. Have you ever wondered why plantain trees do not grow in England? The answer is “environment”. ― Dag Heward-Mills
  43. Spend your energy on things that bring a blessing! ― Dag Heward-Mills
  44. If you fail the test of hurts and offences, you exclude yourself from the mercy of God. ― Dag Heward-Mills
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About Dag Heward-Mills

Dag Heward-Mills (born 14 May 1963) is a Ghanaian Evangelist, pastor based in Accra, Ghana. He is the founder and presiding Bishop of the United Denomination Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC). 

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