4 Steps To Embrace In Your Quest For Success

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A young man scrolled through his social media feed. His curious eyes scanned from one success story to another. 21 year old billionaire buys a new car, 24 year old makes a million dollar from online business, 23 year old woman wins lottery and buys a mansion. 

He read some of the headlines and paused; looking at the seeming hopelessness of his situation. He thought of the degree he had attained, the long-term vision he had spent a considerable amount of time to pen down, and the emptiness of his pocket. 

As a man in his twenties himself, he felt behind in the race of life because his achievements paled greatly in light of the feats his age mates on social media seemed to have clocked. The concerns and worries of this hypothetical young man is a direct reflection of many young people today. 

Social media colours our screens with the flashy commodities that awaken the insatiable urges in us, and this accelerates our impatience to achieve levels of success that takes time and planning. 

Poco A Poco…. What Exactly Is That

Poco a poco is an Italian term that translates to “little by little” or “gradually”. Lasting and enduring success can only be attained if one embraces the concept of poco a poco. Success as a term is simple and complex at the same time. 

This is because, over the years, the concept has become very subjective with different individuals and groups adopting their own meanings and definitions to it. In light of that, the Oxford dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. This definition is a general one, but not necessarily exhaustive. Success however can be likened to a skyscraper that stands gallantly and confidently. 

It looks beautiful and well-crafted. It is not hidden from the masses, and many admire it. But very few of these admirers are aware of the number of resources and debt that went into the foundations of the edifice. 

Most, if not all skyscrapers have metallic pillars drilled into their foundations. The foundations of these buildings also run several metres deep, but these are below ground level and are not seen by admirers. Like the skyscraper, I believe that success should last and not be a short-lived euphoria. 

Real Success Lasts For Generations

Genuine success is one that transcends generations and projects into decades and centuries, and this is not attained by digging a three-foot foundation. Genuine success embraces the compound effect as a way of life. The compound effect simply explains that little habits applied consistently over long periods of time leads to exponential growth. The key words embedded in this definition are; habits, consistency, time and growth. I call them the big four.  And they form the success steps.


  1. Form Healthy Habits

The first success step in the big four is forming habits and making sure they stick. The word habit simply means something you do so often that it’s difficult to put an end to. By this definition, we can deduce that the concept of habit goes both ways; negative and positive. 

Our focus here is positive habits because these are sure to facilitate success when combined with the other three. Certain habits such as waking up early, reading, hard work, journaling, and planning among others need to be entrenched in the life of an individual who is obsessed with lasting success. This is but a success step that when used can unleash many wonders into your life.

These should be so engraved in you that it becomes your default mode, and you can’t help but perform these habits on a daily basis. Let me state emphatically that negative habits such as laziness, lack of planning and vision, spending hours on social media doing nothing in particular and others are highly probable to take you far away from the success you want to attain. Such habits must be worked on and avoided. To learn new habits they must be applied consistently. It leads me to my next point.  

  1. Be Really Consistent In What You Do

The relevance of one’s quest for consistency cannot be downplayed in the pursuit of success. Habits can be formed, but if these habits are not done repeatedly over long periods of time, success cannot be attained. I believe strongly that consistency is the most relevant ingredient in the compound effect concept. 

Habits can be formed, you may have time on your hands, but a lack of consistency will equate to a lack of growth in the long term. Consistency means showing up every single day and putting in your all. It means continuously giving yourself up for the training and habits you deem necessary to attain your success. 

To a student, this success steps means showing up for lectures and studying every day. If you are an entrepreneur, it means allocating a considerable amount of daily time to working on your business. If you are an author, it means typing pages of the manuscript of your book every single day. 

In geographic landforms, waves that exploit the edges of hard rocks at the seashore are able to create dents in these rocks over long periods of time not because the waves have sharp edges, but because of the power of consistency.

  1. Working With Times And Seasons

Time is a priceless commodity. And one of the most important success steps to note when going after opportunities. Every human being on earth has a limited amount of this commodity in our hands. Each of us has the responsibility to be prudent stewards of the time we have. 

In nature, four major seasons exist. These seasons are a product of fleeting time, and they serve as a conscious reminder that situations are not permanent. Winter is cold, autumn sheds leaves, summer is warm, and spring is colourful with flowers that bloom. Day and night seasons also exist. Just like these seasons, people also experience each of these in various junctures of our lives. 

Some individuals may be experiencing a summer and day season now. They are successful, and their hard work is in the light, and being appreciated. Others are in a night season or winter. They are working in the dark to be successful. Others are also transitioning between seasons like the spring and autumn seasons. In order to be successful, one has to identify the particular season they are currently in. 

Seasons do not last. You can be in the summer season today and be in the winter season tomorrow, and every season is equally relevant to your success.

  1. Experiencing Growth

Growth is the inevitable product of successfully implementing the three steps explained above. You may experience growth as an individual, but it is more visible to the people around you. 

Physical growth is usually more evident to others than the person experiencing the growth, and it’s the same with personal growth and success. One can identify his own growth, especially if you journal and plan, you can assess your own growth, but this is appreciated more by others. 

The Bottomline Is…

Genuine and long-lasting success cannot be attained by winning the lottery or indulging in dubious money-making schemes. Success happens poco a poco; it requires the effective application of the big four. The good news is anybody can be successful in any venture. These steps do not favour a particular sect.

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