Procrastination has become known as a very bad habit that we must never indulge in. So that idea has been well drilled into your mind. This article though will tell you the negative aspects of procrastination, don’t dwell on them.

Growing up and while in basic school, it was common to leave your homework until the day you were supposed to submit it. Most often we ended up going to our friends for help or copying their work entirely. This meant we didn’t take the lesson the assignment was meant to teach and we missed out that.

What Is procrastination?

Procrastination is actually delaying something mostly out of laziness or a blunt feeling of not wanting to do anything at all. It’s a constant desire to put almost anything out of our to-do list until we have the deadline a few hours away.

Types of procrastinators

There are basically two types of procrastinators, active and passive. Belonging to any one of them will determine the kind of consequences you get from being a procrastinator.

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When we procrastinate, we only delay doing stuff. It does not mean that we will not do them but the time we do them. For certain things, procrastination will eventually make us give up doing them. Most of these things are quiet important and are geared toward our personal dreams and visions. We fail to do such things because we can’t hold ourselves responsible and accountable since we procrastinate serially. But it’s not everything which we can do away with that easily. For instance, you can’t refuse to do what your boss asks you do to. Though you may delay, you will eventually do it maybe a few hours to the deadline. This means that if you have about two weeks to do something, you end up using a day or a few hours. This creates an unnecessary high level of stress. So you are almost always racing against deadlines. As the stress levels rise, it gets to a time you can’t stand it anymore

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Less productivity and under delivery

Due to a rush to beat the deadline at the last minutes, its common to under deliver on what you were supposed to do. An example is when you are given an assignment at school. The deadline may be in a weeks’ time. This is most likely enough time to do the needed research to get the work done well. But once you are literally scrambling for time at the last minute, you end up submitting an assignment you honestly know you could have done better at.

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Drawback on health

Serial procrastinators are constantly doing sub-par jobs and achieving less than they honestly think they can. They end up developing certain feelings towards themselves. Feelings of guilt, self-doubt and a strong feeling of inadequacy are among the few. Procrastination also creates needless stress in our lives. These could easily deteriorate into feelings of depression. Surveys have shown that serial passive procrastination is related to other health conditions. The most devastating effect I believe it has is the effect on the mindset we develop of ourselves.

Drawback to dreams

With bad health, under achievement, feelings of self-doubt etc., its quite obvious that passive procrastinators won’t be able to make much progress to achieving their dreams. Success lies much in quitting procrastination and going on to do what you want to do. Most successful people when asked how to become successful at their field advice that “Take action”.

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I’d like you to read this article. It will help you to decide the kind of procrastinator you want to be. One of the main aims of this blog is to give knowledge since knowledge is power while leaving the final decision in your power. I pray and hope you choose the best

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