Meet the CEO of Wordinspired and Manager of Alien Media. Wordinspired is an organization that uses the power of words to challenge how people see themselves and to inspire them to take on higher ventures in life. Alien Media is a Full-Service Digital Marketing firm. 

Enoch W. Kabange is a 23-year-young man. A descent of Navrongo, in the Upper East Region, Ghana. For a recent graduate of the University of Ghana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Linguistics, this is not an easy feat. He has achieved all this with one key tool – the Power of His mind.

Having a personal sense of direction is something that has driven his achievements and career path. He is intrinsically motivated to achieve his goals. He is always thinking ahead. He wants to adjust his current steps to align him to his future steps. He grew up with a dream of becoming a Computer Scientist.

Faith would have him studying Economics & Linguistics.  

One could argue if he loves computer science, why did he still do something different? From his perspective, he wanted to understand the Economics of Money to function in the Economics of Life. To Enoch, Economics & Marketing make a great combination and marketing have some bit of computer science when it comes to the digital such as building websites; a skill he has cultivated since 2019.

His organizations were started by bootstrapping. To achieve your dreams, sometimes, you have to believe in yourself to self-fund yourself. You need skills & the right people around you to achieve your goals.


He started the Wordinspired Organization as a student. It wasn’t rational to pay someone to organize the activities for his website, so, he learnt the skills needed for a functioning organization.

Money is a difficulty every new starter has. This is something Enoch isn’t immune to. He is always on the hunt for resources to help finance his work. Side hustles of writing CVs and organizing classes for people has aided his lifestyle.

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Once an active member of Max International. He sacrificed it due to the high demand for time and focus Max needs. We need money to survive, but he is not too driven by money. 

What he does has to be something he cares about. He pursues what gives him fulfilment.

The path to Wordinspired began with Think and Grow Rich & Psycho-Pictography – books that impacted his thinking and changed his life. These books introduced him to self-development. 

Thereafter, Motivational videos and more books guided him on the path.

He started with his first phone to make quotes and share them. As people enjoyed the quotes he shared, he created a page called “Word”. Inspired by his fascination with Words and the power that they held. The wrong words could bring catastrophes, the right words could bring joy and happiness. 

After, he used the free version of WordPress. He collaborated with a friend called to create “My Voice”. But, due to the zero income from it, he launched a self-hosted Wordinspired site.

A team was built but it didn’t work out as everyone had their busy schedules. He had to restructure everything on Wordinspired to share knowledge and challenge people to rise to their potential. Although they’ve been ups and downs in the structure, due to lack of skills and proper management, currently, there’s a new system in place been worked at that’ll keep it running no matter what.

Alien Media

Alien Media is a Full-Service Digital Marketing firm that started with a curiosity for marketing. As to why digital marketing, Enoch felt startups needed to have a digital-first strategy as it is more affordable and provides more value for small brands than traditional media. It was started while he pursued his BA at the University of Ghana. Due to his feelings of not having the skills required to further operations, he halted. After acquiring needed skills, its journey continued last year, 2020.

Skills are not acquired by listening, you have to do. This is something Enoch believes in. Skill Acquisition is best garnered when you are an Organizer than a participator of Skill Acquisition Programmes.

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He has been involved in organizing Accra Youth Summit, Exit Strategy Summit and other campus-based projects and events. 

Furthermore, life has taught him that as young people, education is not enough. Skills are required to maintain relevance in an ever-changing world. Without being a life-long learner, you will lose relevance in your field of expertise someday.

We are in a gig economy where we do Jobs just to survive. There is a need for skills to be acquired to aid freelancing work and other passive income sources. You may go to school, get a degree, but without skills, you won’t be able to survive.

Define Success for yourself. Define your vision & mission and thrive.


He is shy of giving credit to specific people for where he is right now. A Philosopher could say, his mind has told him not to admit anyone got him to where he is. However, Networking has helped him. Introverted in nature, he finds time for events. Where he meets people offline and online. 

“Networking is important because, in some board rooms, your name needs to be championed before you can get an opportunity for work” he said. Networking gives you added advantage. 

Through volunteering, he met Dr Richmond Kwame Frimpong. Someone who helped him envision what he wants to do with life. Enoch’s plans will come to fruition because of Dr Richmond Kwame Frimpong.

Family, People & Potential

In the decade we find ourselves in, most young people don’t have an in-depth relationship with their parents. Enoch W. Kabange is like most young people. His parents are not very involved in his career path. They are opened to his decision making. He is free to be who he wants to be and do what he wants to do. Although they don’t take part in the decisions, they are very supportive of them.

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He isn’t always influenced by a friend’s actions. He minds his business and drinks his water. Enoch is a very private person. This can be suffocating in normal situations. But as Enoch famously says “it’s all in your mind”.

Enoch believes in the limitless potential of human beings. He believes that everybody is functioning beneath their potential. Due to choices made, most people let the environment dictate for them what they can and cannot do. This is why he continues zealously in the Wordinspired venture.


One can say he has a financial fault. Because he uses money gotten from other ventures of his to give to those organizations which don’t give any financial return. But this is something he does with a thought for what it’ll produce in the long term.

Also, as business-minded person, we need to make decisions based on the good of the business. This is something Enoch hasn’t matured yet to. Like most people. He finds himself partnering based on friendship. After so many lessons, he is maturing to the idea of working with people who are interested and not based on merits.

The Future

To be successful, live in the moment but plan for the future. Mr Kabange does the same.

He has a dream of opening a CV writing firm. Inspired by his work experience at the Careers & Counselling Centre at the University of Ghana. A firm that’d help professionals create profiles that’ll give them a stepping stone to getting their dream jobs.

Although CVs have evolved, he believes in their importance. “A bad CV will not help you. Do everything right at every stage. Prepare a CV that’ll make the person vouching for you do it with confidence because your CV bleeds confidence.” He opined. 

Furthermore, he plans to focus on his long-term hustles. Build them. Instead of being a “Jack of everything and master to none” kind of person.

Personally, he beliefs in generational progress. He looks forward to a future where his children will have much better than he had. 

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