20 Things We Should Say To Ourselves More Often

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20 Things We Should Say To Ourselves More Often.

  1.  I Am Loved

Being loved is all everyone wants and needs. A family is always there to provide all the needs of its members especially love. Don’t doubt if you’re told someone loves you. Yes, because you’re loved dearly.

  1.  I’m Positive. Today Is Going To Be A Beautiful Day

There is nothing stronger and mightier than the feeling of being positive. When you’re positive, everything around you becomes positive as well. Your surroundings(universe) begins to agree with you.

  1. I Am Positive

Things might be very rough and tough. But in all, be positive. It’s never bad to have negative thoughts but being positive is the surest and best way of freeing yourself from negative energies.

  1. I Am Grateful

Gratitude is indeed a must. You must always give thanks as a way of being grateful. Showing appreciation to someone makes the person want to do more for you. Don’t live a life of ungratefulness, it ruins and destroys relationships.

  1. Be Strong And Keep The Faith

At times, circumstances may not allow us to keep the faith. But no matter how bad things might turn out to be, don’t fail to keep the faith. Be strong because you’re the only you in the world. None is like you and none can ever be like you and that’s your power.

  1.  Be Happy Always

Grief, not the soul be happy always. These words are so true and mind soothing. Why always cry instead of being happy? Happiness is what is needed to stay strong. Yes! Things are tough, but that shouldn’t keep you from being happy and keeping your smile. Not all smiles are real, so keep yours.

  1. Compare Yourself To Nothing But Your Dreams 

It is good to look around, to look at what our colleagues are achieving. It isn’t bad to take another glimpse. But hey, why look at them when you haven’t achieved yours?

Feeling bad about yourself? Take a deep breath, relax and sleep for a while. Take your pen and notebook and get back to work. Draw out your plans again. And make sure to draw a realistic goal. As time goes on, more can be added to be achieved.

  1. There’s No Harm In Trying

In fact, everything today is a risk. So sad today, we only concentrate on liabilities instead of assets. No matter how hard your goal might turn out to be, in terms of achieving, don’t stop until you’ve achieved it. Trying never kills. 

  1. Don’t Give Up

Always remember that there’s nothing new under the sun. Whatever you want to achieve has already been achieved by someone. All you’ve got to do is to add a little emphasis to make yours different.

  1.  I’m Always Here For You

People are really going through a lot in life. The fact that someone hasn’t told you their problems doesn’t mean they’ve got no problems. Everyone has issues. To be of help, just say, “ I’m always here for you, I’ve got your back.” This makes the person feel so relieved to share their problems.

  1.  You’ve Got This

Many a time, we really want to do something but we just want to hear a few words of hope to revive us.

So to make things much easier for the person just say, “ You’ve got this, and God has got you.”  This is to assure the person that he/she is not alone. Even if everyone would leave, God won’t. He’s always there.

  1.  Please I’m Sorry

So sad the fact that in our modern world today, most of us don’t know how to say please, I’m sorry when they err. Saying these words doesn’t add nor take anything from you. It shows how well mannered you are. Use please when making a request, it makes your request more presentable and appealing, thus, your request is granted. Saying I’m sorry actually tells how remorseful you are to the person you are apologizing to.

  1.  You’re Worthy

Don’t think less of yourself nor more of yourself. Just be you and keep doing what you love to do. You deserve better, so don’t let what others think about you worry you too much. After all, people aren’t you. You’re who and what you are.

  1.  You Can Do It So Go For It

Most at times, we see a lot of things we want to do out there, but then, we feel so reluctant to do it. Why? Because there is or something or someone holding us back. Allow nothing to hold you back. Go on, you can do it so go for it. We believe in you, so don’t let us down.

15. You Matter

You’re very important to the world. Everyone has got a purpose for being I’m this world. The fact that you haven’t fulfilled yours nor known yours, doesn’t mean you’re worthless or useless. As a matter of fact, you’re what the world needs and wants. There’s so much greatness inside you that must come out for all to know, see and experience. So don’t hide it anymore. Go out there and find a place for yourself.

16. Keep Dreaming

People always say keep dreaming, dream big and don’t stop dreaming. But I’ll say, get up and bring all your dreams to reality. Until each and every single bit of it is achieved, don’t give up nor try stopping. At the end of the day, when you finally make it, you’ll know that it is actually worth it.

17. You Can Make A Difference

Yes, there are so many people doing what you’re doing, reading what you’re reading.

But that doesn’t mean everyone thinks like you. You’re different and unique in your own way so you can make a difference. Do your best and be thankful for life because you’re capable of reaching your goals.

18. My Past Doesn’t Define Me

Some of us are still leaving in the past. Let the past remain in the past because no matter how many chances you get to change the things in the past, you’ll still repeat the same mistakes. Let your past’s mistakes never define you. Focus on the present to be able to face the future.

19. I Need To Know More

Ignorance is poverty. Always strive to know more. Get educated on the things of today by reading anything and everything profitable. Don’t always wait to be spoon-fed by people. Try to feed yourself too.

20. The Economy Doesn’t Affect Me

Things aren’t always as they appear, people change and life goes on. People are making billions in the same economy you’re in. No more excuses set yourself up and work towards your aim. Billionaires are everywhere, failures are uncountable. Choose where you belong, fit yourself there and work towards it. Remember, no more excuses because the economy isn’t the problem.


We are who we choose to be, not what others think or want us to be. Everything is in your own hands, whether to fail or succeed, to be rich or poor, to make or unmake, to build or destroy. Just choose one, and choose wisely.

5 Key Takeaways From This Article

  1. You’re loved
  2. Keep the faith and keep pushing.
  3. You matter because the world needs you.
  4. The economy doesn’t affect you.
  5. Keep dreaming and don’t let your past define you.

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