Excellence isn’t something we are necessarily born with. There are some people who always push for the very best and nothing else. We are all called to become excellent at what we do. Learning what it takes to become such a person who seeks excellence in all spheres of our life is the only way to achieve the life you truly want to become.

Excellence has had a long list of definitions. Some of these definitions are from various scholars and experts. But how does it relate to you? This article will focus purposely on how to attain excellence in a practical way. Imagine learning how to sew a cloth, what ways can you be a master in sewing.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way” – Booker T. Washington.

15 Practical Ways To Become Excellent At Whatever You Do

1. Explore Your Field Extensively

It is important to venture into diverse skills and professions you love. That gives you a wide scope of what you really enjoy doing and set you on the path of excellence. In addition, excellence ensures what you are curious about is somewhat satisfied. 

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2. Identity What You are Passionate About 

After curiously exploring your interest it’s essential to narrow it down to what you are really passionate about. Identifying yourself can be through observation, critical analysis and enquiring from loved ones who know you inside out. This way you can find that specific thing you do without compromise. 

3. Cultivate Your Mindset to That of a Winner

Now it’s time to set your mind and heart to follow that passion. In this stage, your mind is made up for what you want and how it can be achieved. Intentionally decide to pursue action, that’ll give you an attitude and posture to embrace excellence.

4. Draw a Vision Board for Yourself 

Set a vision board on how this passion can manifest and be well done. In this pursuit write down your strength and weakness, identify some experts in that field who can mentor you? Know what exactly you want, set time boundaries and ensure your goals are realistic.

5. Find a Mentor to Guide and Direct You

There is a saying “the expert in everything is one beginner”, it is necessary to find people who have been through all the processes you seek and prepare yourself to accept the terms of the training. You must find someone you can easily adapt to. ” Nothing will make you grow as fast as learning beside someone who is double, triple and quadruple you in skill”.

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6. Develop Absolute Discipline

Also, it is one thing to say and another thing to alleviate action. Since your aim is to learn the process and become excellent at it. You must stay committed to the journey and maintain your values ( make it a habit). ” We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit- Aristotle. 

7. Fall in Love with the Process

” To know how to do something well is to enjoy it- Pearl S. Buck. It is worth noting that your love for a thing will allow you to continue despite all flaws. Probably, the learning process may not be lovey-dovey but you must enjoy it and learn from it.

8. Work Harder and Smarter

Find ways of working smartly at what you do. Since the mindset is to become excellent in that field, seek and enquire fast ways of achieving the result( it should be equally a learning process) 

9. Commit to Lifelong Learning and Improvement in Your Craft

Ensure there is room for self-improvement, put yourself into demanding situations others can only dream of which come by initiation. Be satisfied with what you have done and continuously improve  

10. Stay Focused

Usually, at a point in the process, you might feel the need to exit, however, this is where you go back to your vision board, check out quotes that keep you going and motivate yourself. Bear in mind the aim is to learn and become excellent and hence anything aside that is contrary. 

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11. Trust the Process 

Be positive enough to trust the whole process no matter how long it takes. 

12. Build a Relentless Attitude 

Until your good is better to ensure you do not rest, you choose that field and so work hard to achieve your aim.

13. Practice

Practice they say makes a man perfect, find inspiration in what you are doing and keep going. 

14. Be Unique

In as much as you are learning, you must find unique and authentic ways of presenting the thing you love. In that way, you look exceptional and extraordinary. 

15. Keep on; Be Patient

Continue improving day by day, have a prevailing attitude that keeps you in good shape and helps others as you also become good at it. Based on experience, the more you teach others about something, the more you grow in it as well.


These steps are not the only ways available but this can be a guide to excelling in whatever you do. Remember, excellence is a decision backed by action.

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