Health is wealth as is popularly said and bad eating habits are what silently send most people into an unhealthy spiral of disease and implications. Your eating makes who you become. It determines your body, your mood and maintains your energy. Before you write off this post, find out how some eating habits are destroying your health. 

When I was a young girl, I loved eating whatever I craved, and I ate anything and at any time. At primary school, I would consume a lot of junk food, candy, fried fast food, and soft drinks that had no nutrients at all. 

Also, on my way to school together with my friends having fun, we would buy waakye by the roadside in rubber bags having fun, pressing the food in the rubber bag, and eating quickly while running to school. I ended up being obese and always having stomach upsets. I realized this was a result of my bad eating habits which I need to avoid for a good life. They include some of my personal discoveries. 

This article describes 10 hardly known bad eating habits to avoid this year for a good life, the reasons, results and what to do about these bad eating habits.

1. Not Planning Your Meals

How many times have you gone to the market and thought about what you want to eat or cook for the week? Lack of meal planning is a bad eating habit leading you to last-minute decisions to eat anything at any time, wasting money on food that only deteriorates your health and wasting your time. Meal planning is the simple act of taking some time to plan any number of your meals for the week.  

TODO: There are a lot of reasons why I think meal planning rock.

Why Plan Your Meals?

  1. Planning your meals and snacks ahead of time increases the chance for success and good life
  2. It increases a healthier food choice made
  3. Saves time and money
  4. It allows you to see how much you’re eating and avoid wasting food.

2. Eating in Front of a Screen 

During the lockdown, while at home I try to get my work done while eating in front of my laptop or TV at night, I end up not paying attention to my eating and not even realizing how much I ate. Expert says multitasking like eating while watching tv or working can be more harmful to your good health cause weight grain and even worse.

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TODO: To avoid this, walk away from the screen, have a clear mind, and enjoy your food.

3. Eating at Night

Eating at night is a bad habit you need to avoid. When you eat at night, the food doesn’t have enough time to digest before going to bed. Generally, if you eat heavy meals before going to bed your body will have a problem breaking down the food. There is still a lot of blood flow to your stomach required for digestion which is disruptive when you are asleep. Scientists have found that night eater consume more than 50% of their daily calories after 8 p.m. Nighttime eating can cause you to eat more calories than you need and lead to weight gain, depression, and health troubles. 

TODO: To avoid eating at nighttime, find out what causes and triggers you to eat during the night, don’t starve yourself during the day, eat satisfying meals throughout the day, use a routine and also plan your meals. 

4. Drinking Soft Drinks with Meals is a Bad Eating Habit

Do you know that sipping a coke or any soft drink with your meals a bad eating habit, as soft drinks will not only increase your calorie intake but also can lead to many lifestyle problems? 

You may enjoy the taste of the soft drink but don’t forget that your meal contains a mix of nutrients including carbohydrates being the base for it, having a soft drink along with meals could lead to a sugar overload since you are already taking some form of sugar. 

This increases the glycemic index of the meal which can cause spikes in your blood sugar level leading to diabetes and also affect your bone health due to the high level of phosphorous in most soft drinks and this can reduce the amount of calcium that your body absorbs. 

Moreover, drinking soft drinks along with your meals reduces the chances of drinking plain water, missing essential vitamins and minerals, and hydrating electrolytes in the body.

5. Skipping Breakfasts

Skipping breakfast is of the hardly known bad eating habits. Many of us are used to being in hurry for school or a job in the morning where filling the stomach may be a waste of time. 

Normally, not hungry, lack of appetite, inability to cook and fasting may also prevent you to walk away from breakfast. Nutritionist Adelle Davis once said eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While sleeping at night, the stomach had a long stretch without eating and your body has been tapping into stored fuel to keep your systems going. 

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If you don’t top off your tank in the morning, you’ll lack the mental and physical energy you need to get your workday going. Not only that, but breakfast helps to stabilize the blood sugar level it also helps reduce obesity.

TODO: If you regularly skip breakfast, try this; Start the habit by getting up earlier from the bed then get or prepare small portions of easy-to-digest foods that are nutrient-packed, enjoy it before you start your workday.

6. Not Drinking Enough Water During the Day

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues” said Kevin R. Stone

Experts advise eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 litres, or half a gallon a day. Drinking more water and staying adequately hydrated may help with health problems, such as constipation, kidney stone, urinary and bladder infections, and skin dehydration.

TODO: Start the habit by obeying the eight by eight rule that guides you to drink 64 ounces of water each day. Download a free app to track your cups of water consumed. You can also get a water bottle throughout the day to help you drink more water.

Bonus; It is recommended that you drink warm water in the morning, sometimes with lemon juice to decrease free radical activity in the body.  Drinking warm water help with digestion and regulates bowel movements. 

7. Eating Junk Foods

Have you ever found yourself craving for some candy, ice cream, indomie, soft drinks, or chocolate after having your lunch or dinner, feeling ooh-so-yummy-really good and even wanting to keep eating? 

You are not alone!  But let’s avoid this bad habit of eating junk foods. It can be hard with some foods to know when to say avoid them. Know that eating junk food can lead to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, chronic disease and can cause memory and learning problems?

TODO: If this is your habit, you should resist now and replace junk foods with more vegetables and fruits.

8. Eating Too Quickly

If you’re like me, you’re probably eating as if someone is chasing you, thinking to yourself, “no time to waste on food, I need to finish my meal fast and get something else doing!” Well, this year I have decided to avoid this bad habit. 

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Research shows when you eat too fast, you swallow more air which can cause bloating, overeating, weight gain, and obesity. 

Also, fast eaters mostly take larger bites and chew their food less, which may affect digestion.

TODO: Slow down the speed at which you eat, and this will allow you to check-in with your hunger signals, and usually makes a meal more enjoyable. And you know that enjoying what you eat is a big part of maintaining a balanced diet and if we’re being real, a good life.

9. Drinking-Water Just Before or After Eating Meal 

A common mistake that we all make is drowning our stomach water during and immediately after eating. The golden rule is to maintain the ratio of 30 and 60 minutes, drinking water 30 minutes before a meal and an hour after is good for digestion and overall health. We normally do not keep this ratio, we drink water when we are thirsty and want it. Excessive water during meals can lead to bloating, indigestion, and even nutrient malabsorption.

TODO: Maintain the golden rule, 30 minutes before a meal and 60 after a meal.

10. Eating Out

Many people struggle to avoid eating out for lunch during workdays, they depend on fast and restaurant meals. The favourite thing I love to do is to cook and eat from home and sometimes package my food to work. Home food is often healthier. Consuming less processed food is good for a healthy body. Restaurant and wayside meals can contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients and expensive. Avoid this habit bad eating habit for a good life, stay healthy and save more money.

TODO: Eat home often. Cook the best you can afford, and enjoy good food with the people you love. 


You are in control of what you choose to eat and how to eat it. Change isn’t always easy but once you start to avoid the bad eating habits and making better eating habits, it gets easier and it improves your health for a good life.

What are the bad eating habits you are avoiding this year?  Do you have any stories to tell about how you are going to avoid them? Share with other wordinspired readers

10 Bad Eating Habits You Need To Avoid 

  1. No plan for your meals
  2. Eating at night
  3. Eating in front of a screen
  4. Drinking soft drink with meals
  5. Skipping breakfast
  6. Not drinking enough water for the day
  7. Avoid eating junk foods
  8. Eating too quickly
  9. Avoid drinking water just before or after eating
  10. Too many meals away from home

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